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Monday, October 31, 2011

Challenge me (:

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ni hao (:
I'm here,
again ;)

Showed AMA candy and brilliant ;)
Waved their hands,
Showed brilliant's football and candy's love
heeeeee (:

Toys of mine during the childhood ;)
I still remember i used to hug them everynight
Playing or even talking to them before I slept
Good memories eh ;)

And erm,
Although today I prepared to accept some facts
But it happend that it is going to happen another day
So uhm,
Still need to be optimistic (:

My gor gor is just too lifeless,
and being such a weirdo d:
Spamming my facebook chat without any reasons,
typing nonsense and I'm just sitting beside him -.-

I got not much thing to say,
But I really really want to read story books :D

Here's a nice one (:

One thing is that,
I'm going to come here for idk how many days
Just to say that,
Everyday tomorrow of mine is a good day ;)
Tomorrow is a good day :D

tata (:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Next to you (:

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Hello (:
Tomorrow is monday
Tomorrow is going to be a good good day 
I mean it must be a good day no matter what (:

I'm not bored now
I mean I am not boring (:
Finished the sejarah questions in don know how many days
Yes, results of not concentrating d:

And add maths (:
Gahhhh, why you seems to be easy
ONLY when I'm doing you in tuition
Why are you bullying me at home, hmph :/

My sunday night is going to be free
And is like lifeless much -.-
Shouldn't have skip much classes for exams
Not worth i guess?

I just got to pick up my music stuff
But I don't feel like doing it :P
I mean playing it for relaxing purposes, 
I'll give a nod and a yes (:
But for exam ,

Then then, mummy cant stop asking me to go that camp 
eeeee, 3 weeks
is not 3 days, is 3 weeks okay :/
By hook or by crook,

And then,
I want to finish that book :/
Is like read till almost half only,
I want to finish it!
I'm going to find ways to finish it, heh ;)

Listening to many many songs nowadays (:
Keeping rhythms and accompanies in my head
Just to use them in that particular improvisation and motif
You see, is exam again :P

Can't wait for tmrw afternoon, heh ;)
Going to let AMA see my girl girl n boy boy, heeeeee
I still remember they went into my life when I was 5
But I still love them much ;)

Tomorrow is a good day :D
lalala, tata (:

Friday, October 28, 2011

Perfectionist (:

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Yeehaaaa :D
I'm not bored,
Cause I have got something to do, heh ;)

Not much thing to say,
But still, I'm lifeless much for the past few days
Today will be a different one, i guess ;)

Main purpose for this post:
Make myself clear (:

I don't talk doesn't means I'm antisocial
I means I talk, but seldom (:

When I don't gave any response on some issue
Cause I knew things will go off
when the times go by (:

I don't mislead people,
I just let people to have more space to think about stuffs
Not saying imagination, but the truth (:

Sometimes I will still shed my tears
when mentioning about the bad memories
This is me, I can't forget them
I wish I could (:

When I looks not so hyper,
I'm not sad,
I'm just wanting some inner peace (:

If you got confused,
Ask me, I'll tell you (:

I putting (: in every last sentence
Cause I found it funny for the issue, heh ;)

Don't get mislead by me,
I'm just too special or maybe too weird to understand (:
Understand me by other ways
You'll find it different (:

Here is some awesome much thing ;)

tata (:
皮蛋和鹅蛋的谈话 (:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

那些年 (:

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回忆可以是最好的朋友 (:

就算很想哭,想起他们也可以微笑 ;)


嘻嘻 (:


飞在梦幻中 :P

很温馨,很温暖 (":

可以握久一点更好 ;)

所以我学会了聆听 ^^

因为我现在真的很闷 d:

我要飞了 d:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Craving for memories (:

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*sense something *
eeeeee (:
a panda is here !

Finals had over so does SLAD trip (:
Sleepless night for more than one month
Made me a total panda d:
Going to ditch finals and talked about the trip , heee

SLAD trip 2011 (:
Even words can't describe all about it
But I'll try ;)

Before the trip,
Everything was like scattered all over
Waiting me to organized them well
People who cannot be trusted are all over
Yes, indeed they give me a push to show them
I can do it without them (:

Things do happened everytime
And these are the times for me to learn
It was like learning in a hard way
But better than i did not learn anything (:

During the trip,
I got to learn how to be flexible to any changes (:
Learned how to break the ice first
and somehow learned to tolerate, heh ;)

It was way more fun than i think
Although did not get to wet myself :P
But seeing them enjoying themselves
I'm satisfied enough (:

As for the hotel,
Why are your pillow so soft?
I don't like your pillow like seriously
And so does ur air-cooling system d:

A very big thank you to all the participants (:
Without you guys,
No matter how hard I worked out,
it will still be a zero

To the bus driver and teachers
thank you for accompanying us for 3 days
I appreciated although there is some conflicts (:

As for the guardian and angel game (:
I realized that human are always very careless
We don't realized that there are people caring for us
Until we were told or we lost them
So uhm I learnt my lesson :P

Thank you to those "reliable" people
I thought I'll failed this trip without you guys
But I'm wrong
Cause I met more friends (:

Thank you to shu (:
Being our photographer,
Always being there for me throughout the whole preparations
Always telling me is okay that the particular thing is okay for not bring perfect
Although you got stressed like me sometimes
But still always supporting me
wo ai ni <3

Thank you to panda too (:
Although at first I am not willing you to help me out
Is super awkward to have a guest invited to help me out
But to be honest,
Without most of your help,
This trip wont be existing since i'm kind of lost passion in it
I'm sorry to make you into trouble,
but still thank you for always being there throughout the trip (:

Sometimes when I think that it will never get better
There is always things to show that I'm wrong
I must overcome my socializing problems (:
And learned that not everything can be perfect ;)
I mean I'll try , hehe

There is still lots more to say
But erm I can't express them all here
Just let them be part of my good memories (:

tata (:

Friday, October 14, 2011

简单曲 (:

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Aloha (:
Being a freak for the whole week
Everyday sticking on the chairs to study
Yes, like a freak (:

Conclusion for the 3 subjects taken
Sejarah : I have nothing to do with luck (:
Chemistry : Knowing too much isn't a good thing, cause you will get confused  ( Y )
Biology :  Worst health condition of the week :/ Headache & stomache contributes to sudden blank.
               But still, better than chem (:

Well, 5 more days of final (:
I hope I can do well in the next 5 days in order to prevent critical drop in each subject (:
I don't want drop in average (:
I mean as long as i did my best, i will still accept.
But still don't drop is better . * irony eh d: *

And to blood suckers :
Stop sucking my blood! 
Learn ur male friends to suck tree juices
Leave me alone, kaythanksbye (:

Just watched a music video
Special music video taken in primary school (:
and the songs rhythm is also quite entertaining n relaxing
although I don't really like rap in it (:
Bravo :D

And yes trip (:
First time organizing overnight trips
Kinda lost my direction :/
And is just straight after exam ends 
Shoudn't state that date * regretting :P *

There is one thing confusing me now 
I mean I don't know to go or not to go :(
Is 3 weeks, almost one month
I can't get to stay at home and go back to visit grandma
But is undeniably a good experience
to go or not to go?

bubulala (:
I can't get to see bunny on wednesday * sobieeeeeee*
that day failed to find anyone i wanted to find
And I can't see bunnyyyy :(
Have to wait till next saturday , I'll wait (:

Self said :
7 more days to your freedom (:
Jia you , good luck and all the best ;)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


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People said that 
99% of hardwork + 1% of luck = success (:

And yes I did work hard,
But no luck :(

I never get anything right 
which i make the decision depends on my luck :/

Whatever it is
I am still hoping for miracle d:

Ciao for chem (:

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Difference In Me (:

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Hello (:
I know the sun is so nice shining out there
The sky blue, the beautiful kind of blue (:
But I don't like this hot weather
Too hot and headache visited me :O

Can't really concentrated on studies today
Kept going out and erm got distracted by my bao bei d:
Stories that have been told long time ago kept popping out
Then the whole mind is like super random
eeeeeee (:

And these few days keep scream
Creatures like them really scare me out
And that scary video is still in my mind
And that  is like 2 or 3 weeks ago -.-

Recently, AMA addicted to bunny ;)
And I'm finding the carrot which idk where it is now d:
And there's a promise between me and AMA
hehe, can't wait to see bunny :D

Last whole week I am like super mad
Slept at 2 everyday :O
Dealing with maths and chem every night
And my brain is like overloaded :/

This week is going to be tough
Well prepared and stop panic is the thing I have to do (:
I can't listen to mummy advice
I will got nerves and this is super abnormal :/

bubulala (:
super happy for the last whole week :D
many things that i have never done it before have been sucessful
eeeeeeee :D

Nowadays also kept saw tumblr quotes and facebook
hehe, too awesome (:
And bunnys and awesome cartoons keep appearing!
wo hen xi huan zhe gong gan jue ;)

Enough for today (:
Got to reach my aim before I leave home!
bai bai!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Find the suprise in 200th (:

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Hello (:
Bio-ing from morning till now,
And it's very boring :/

I thought I have enough sleep
to read it without fall asleep
But now it proves I'm wrong :O
Conclusion: Bio is for sleepless night d:

I heard many of them went to library
group study (:
I never try group study before,
and I wonder how it is to study together.

Till now, I still prefer self studying
Cause I will easily get distracted while people are discussing
And I'll end up read nothing ;P
This happened quite frequently especially before exams
So uhhm, I'll try once and see how it is (:

Planned to finish 5 chaps of bio and finished maths today
Hope it success (:
I mean I'm half way already, so uhm :D

8 more days of final till freedom (:
Feel super happy while think about it
But isn't a good thing cause it slacks me down
And yet it cheers me up while i felt like sleeping
so uhm, think about it moderately eh ;P

And i kept found cute little creatures on tumblr :D
Pink elephant, bunny and stich!
Doggies and rabbits with cute expressions
hehe, they made my day!

lalala (:
200th post!

Stay tune and happy studying!
tata (:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


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很讨厌也不喜欢 ):




Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Smile on Your Face (:

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It's 12.30a.m.
And I'm still here (:
Skyping with yushu and blogging here

Yushu was singing songs while doing the trip stuff
while I was here blogging while waiting for her (:
Although my study plan failed
But I'm still happy with what I have done today.
Kinda sastisfied (:
p/s: I feel like recording yushu's singing d:

And to panda (:
Really wanted to thank you for lending me a helping hand.
Although I really feel ill at ease
You are supposed to go to the trip
But ended up helping me do the planning

You are really experienced in it
I can't deny it (:
Is hard to find ppl like you and yushu
Helping me out till so late
And is during the exam's period ;")
I really appreciated for both of your hardwork
And yushu for helping me out all the way long (:

I hope with the help of all of you
Co operation and participation of everyone of them
I could carry out an organizer's works
Without shedding tears for the first time (:

And I changed skype profile pic (:
hehe, a cute little creature saying hello!
found it on tumblr. ;)

That's for now (:
Tata and back to work!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Minnie (:

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Hello, wello and yello (;
Feeling dizzy whole day long,
With a sudden stomachache just right before the exam started
How nice (:

And I'm suppose to be having a nap now,
But I watched tom and jerry which made me happy (:
I still love cartoons . hehe
Cause they are awesome ;)

And playing songs for own entertainment
is always much more better (:

And Mr Physics,
I know you got no life,
But I have a wonderful life (:
Don't get jealous and ruined my too

I don't know tension,
I know attention (:
I don't know what force
I know I'm forced to read you
I don't know why you hate me
I know I don't really like you too (:

At first, I screwed physics.
And I feel like screw it back (:
But now I feel like screw another human being more

Yes, As what I said
You'll never get respect from us (:
Cause you are more like a coward
You are more to emptiness
You have got nothing physically and mentally
Maybe yes, but not tat much (:

Now I feel like spilling a hot soup on a few people
I know I'm like overheated
But if you are giving me hope,
And at the same time distinguished it
You'll get it and I mean it (:

Holidays for 8 days (:
And the wars with books starts now
Before that was just a small fight
Now is the real war (:

Good luck to the form 3's
Happy studying to all the others (:

* wave*

Sunday, October 2, 2011


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ni hao (:
Wo jin tian bu shi hen hao :/

Hmmm, regretted for it
Shouldn't have done tat for more than 1 hour.
Eyes are swelling,
Head is so heavy for the whole day.

But I really couldn't resist to do that.
I can't stand any more pressure in me myself
I don't talk much,
I don't like telling people my stuff,
Cause I feel very unsafe ):

When I was still young,
I told you everything,
But now I don't.
Cause I'm no longer a kid to you,
And you wouldn't give me advice on my problem
You rather mention is repeatedly,
Without noticing I'm crying (:

And these few days,
Those creatures keep appearing in front of me
and they were too gross for me.
Cats, rats and more.

I screamed,
I got a slight heart attack,
And I dislike you all ):
Go away pleas eand thank you !

Tmrw is physics (:
And to dear physics :
I have put much effort on you, I hope you don't treat  me like how bio and moral treated me (:
I mean, I try to understand and love you,
So try to love me and understand me too <3

I will smile from now (:
Although tears might be rolling down,
anger might be exploded like volcano
But I'll try.
Have faith in me (: