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Friday, September 30, 2011

Loser like me (:

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Hello (:
I feel like go to a wide place
Scream and shout as loud as I can.
I need to distress like seriously :(
I'm always the loser to stress and panic.
And I don't want to be.

I don't feeling eating now
Cause I'm just disappointed to myself.
Very very disappointed ):
Why would I forgot almost everything just because of panic 
I'm just a failure ):

Is like everytime the subject i focus more on it,
I really got a bad return
Conclusion: Don't study much
But I can't make it
I swear I can't

Woke up early morning with a totally bad sign
Blood on lips -.-
Scare me much, and is very pain :/

Yeah, found this on facebook.
The more you see the picture move, the stress-er you are

And to another loser out there 
You better keep your mouth shut!
If you really hate me that much
Curse me to death instead of cursing me for having bad luck or whatever in my studies

And yes you, 
I'm student not your pembantu or what
Can you please do it by yourself?
Asking to lie on the phone
And you have got nothing 
Get a life!

Whatever it is
Got to go against the plan now (:
Rest day for today!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dreams (:

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Yello (:
Sejarah and add maths
Bye for now (:

You made me mad,
And I hate you ,
Stomachache :/

Add maths was terrible (:
Cause i never touched add maths yesterday.
Thanks to sejarah.

Sejarah (:
Fun enough,
created many many names :D

Then uhm,
Scolded people during exams :O
I mean I don care you didn't study or what,
Don bug me during exams (:

Stomachache go away (:
Dizzy and sleepiness go away too.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

History (:

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I am going to mad
Stupid stress ):

Go away!
Or else I can't memorize anything.
I don't want you!

Go die stress

Proud (:

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I'm here again (:
Just finished my add maths past year!
Yay for me d:

Well, got to go to school tmrw
To rot myself there (:

Happy Birthday to gor gor (:

you not cool la d:
Happy Sweet 18th (:
I know we both always quarrel d:
But then still wish you happy birthday la! 

Good luck in ur studies n future (:
And don't bully me d:
Enjoy and have a blast (:


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cause I'm Your Angel (:

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Aloha (:
Just watched lilo and stitch this afternoon!
Lilo gone for the hula competition ;)
Cartoons always make me happy. hehe

Well, just came back from 3 hours of add maths 
Almost got frosted at there :O
Too cold, and I ain't wearing long sleeve.
Next stop, english tuition
Boring enough :/

Well, kinda screwed up my malay paper today.
But I ain't feeling sad or whatever it is (:
Cause those are really alien words for me,
I mean not a word for me :P

English essay as usual,
lack of time :/
Tenses mistakes must be a lot now
Owh fine, i know Cedric's meaning of many
which means little.

And why should i border to go school tmrw
If isn't because of the instructions given,
and 2 marks of purata got deducted.
I don't like you either,
cause i know you don like me too d:

Sejarah and add maths on thursday ( Y )
U think i can cope sejarah with add maths?
You are wrong, totally wrong.
I suck in maths since form 2,
And i'm not interested in islam either (:

I need exam mood to keep me motivated.
But i don't need stress.
I mean stress made me do worse in exams,
Go away (:
I want stressless like today but with exam mood :D

Tata for dinner (:
Hope can finish my food on time :P

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vinegar (:

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Dumbo (:
It's saturday again!
And and final is two days from now ):
I'm not prepared yet, especially add maths

Add maths = duo yu de shu xue d:
I mean like i think too much for the solution,
and I got wrong in the end -.-
That is why I never like maths (:

Then, i got one month of music class off  :D
Means i can concentrate on my exams. hehe
Good to have a singapore PR teacher d:

Nowadays keep eating new bought biscuits ;P
Even mummy cant resist to eat them,
So how could I don't eat them? hehe

And I watched cartoon everyday while eating my lunch :D
2D mickey mouse
Home Alone
Yay! (:

And then,
I am praying don't rain that much anymore (:
I don't want to wear jacket everyday,
making me looks like a sick person (:

Owh, next wednesday ( Y )
I don't want to go to school,
but i don't want my 22 marks got deducted -.-
Many of them planned to buy sick certificate,
And I'm very sure mummy wont do that :/

Mummy asked why is she retiring on such day
And I said cause she doesn't want anyone to attend it d:
But gor gor so bad ):
He said why should i care about my marks got deducted,
And the worse thing is that he said i am too marky -.-
FINE, go away!

okay la (:
I got to go and do that duo yu de shu xue,
can't go according to my plan to study komsas :/

tata (:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hi and Bye (:

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Can You be more interesting?
And easier to understand ?
i mean you, you and you :P

One more week to finals,
And I'm still lost in the world of add maths.
I can't finish the whole book,
Cause my speed is as slow as a tortoise ):
And my brain is just too exhausted
which made me did the wrong calculation all the time. * boo*

And those annoying blood suckers is all over -.-
I can't catch any of them,
And I really want them to get lost!

the weather, too cold for me :/
jackets and blankets are with me all the time..
hmm, dislike :O

Songs played,
either too noisy which irritates me,
or too calm to make me sleepy :)
Seems like I'm troublesome eh ;)

Time is running away from me,
so uhm bai (:

Friday, September 16, 2011

I'll survive (:

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Wello (:
I am back again! hehe
This whole week was really a special week for me
Got very very tired everyday, 
and I know the sun loves me too much :P

Malaysia day! 
Finally everything has ended,
And I should and must put 100% concentration on studies (:
11 more days to final,
And I am so dead :)
p/s: Sejarah i don like you cause u killed my brain cells * boo*

Truthfully, chosen to go for 1 Malaysia thingy
was rather a conflict for me at first
I am quite sensitive with the exam issues,
Might be because of my environment since I'm still a child

It is really a good experience for me,
although i really made me exhausted and
had to skipped school and lack of time for revising :/
But at least I knew how it was like to have such rehearsal for the national events
I met new people and of course friends (:

I learned how to communicate better with the others,
which was really my weakest point. hehe
I understand the quote better,

If you're not brave to take the first step,
You'll never know how far you can go (:

It might be quite hard for me to start a conversation to people whom i don know
But when I'm alone and have to be independence,
I have to make the first step,
If not I'll be like a dumb.

Although I some kind of like dislike some people there calling me some weird names -.-
But still have to bear with it (:
To gain is to put commitment in it~

owh ya, the patriotic songs!
kept stucking in my head,
And yet i was there humming again and again
kind of addicted eh ;)

And uhm, the form 2's there was like
very friendly, but i can't really get used to call ' jiejie ' by them
is kind of weird :P
But still, without them i would die of boredom (:
and the stalker teacher -.-
Congrats for taking so many ugly photos :P

To be honest, Malaysia weather is like weather in the desert
Is like the sun is burning in the day, and raining heavily at night
That really causes the drastic drop in temperature which is BAD :O

As I said, finals is coming soon :(
So uhm, hello add maths again!
I'll made you always be in my brain instead of heart :P

Monday, September 12, 2011

Believe or not

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Believe what I say,
Please and thank you (:

If you don't,
Don't ask me anything (:

I hope and maybe I knew i can make it to the end
Although I feel like crying now,
or maybe not realizing teas are already rolling down

Please don't mention the word to me now
I beg for it (:
Cause I am not a superhuman,
I got stressed everytime when it comes to me,
But now the situation had got me even stress than ever :/

I knew I'm facing the same problem like last time
I did not get a good ending last time,
But I really hope I can change it (:

Anyway, Happy Mooncake Festival (:
May everyone have a good time with family members!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love the way you lie

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Yello (:
Hectic and fruitful week!
Glad that I had kind of settled the trip stuff
Finished my transposition and yes, after 3 weeks d:
And also I did settle the demerit system :D

Just got back from my 2 days life marathon (:
Tired and exhausted..
Next week schedule is really killing me :/
And my time management is getting out of control
Can ya help me out? heheee

Given Nasi Lemak again as breakfast
But I am kind enough to give other ppl d:
I don't know do I still have to get tat everday :O
I hope not ;)

Met quite a lot of awkward moment today
Super dislike, hmph :B
I don't know why it is awkward for me
But undeniably is that if it is not awkward then it's weird ;p

Owh, my phone -.-
I can't reply message, I can't call
The alarm wont rang, although the phone is on -.-

So, 16 days more to final :/
And and I am super worried ):
I don't know can i managed to maintain it
Is too much to study and I'm lack of time ):
See this :D

Owh ya!
I ain't going for the principal retirement :P
I mean most of us wont go for it 

I wonder what celebrations do we have today or tmrw?
Why are people nearby my neighbourhood playing fireworks?
It is pretty enough and yet annoying
I mean I will get scare off when it suddenly BOOMED 
Anyway, wo bu guan ta jiu ke yi liao ;)

Then, next monday is mooncake festival :D
My house is full with different types of mooncake 
And the flavours were really weird :O
But still I want to play candles! hehe
But mummy said i am not a child anymore. *booo*

CHILD this words made me think of baby (:
But not a good thing, cause everyone said i am like baby -.-
But I am not okay. blek :P
AMA, see this :D

Happy Mooncake Festival ,
Happy No Monday Blues,
Happy Holidays (:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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What happened to me today?
Kept got angry even due to little things ):

I shouldn't be angry with little stuffs
But why I am doing it so frequently today?
Is it I absorbed too much of sunlight today?

I got to do something to chill myself out
And I really wanted to take a nap but I can't
Essay not done yet ):
But I got no mood to do it now
There is something irratable that make me moody
I don know what is that

Today was really lifeless in the dataran
But good news is that
I got to attend lessons for the next 3 days :D
means no rehearsal ;)

And uhm, food -.-
I got too many food with me now
It irritates me, like seriously
I can even feel that I'm very full just by thinking of them
When I saw them, I feel like throwing them :/
And again I'm really in a bad temper today -.-

Reached home very late today ):
Became a roasted human under the hot sun
And did not get to skype with michelle 
Is like I broke a promise ):

Sorryyyy ):
Tmrw I'll show you (:
Ciao for essay :/

Monday, September 5, 2011

Effiel Tower

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School reopens (:
And yes, stress out again!
Looking at the physics reflection like a freak
But still don't understand what it is
This is physics for me :D

And uhm, add maths
I only realized that i forgot almost everything
during last week tuition (:

What else? Sejarah!
Ahh, epic enough (:
I stared at the same page for 10 minutes
and realized that i was day dreaming

Got to stop saying about them
Is better to finish my tuition homework now (:
But still I want to munch out all the words first

Well, this morning was really too epic
I thought it was a good start to have my flag raise on time
cause i have not been doing that for too long d:
But when I heard principal saying ceongsam this word
I almost jump with shock :O

When I was feeling relief that she didn't say out the name
My teacher had been going her a favour and mentioned it in class
Worst period ever, i mean it.
I am trying not to let people know, and yet * you know what*

The whole day, I got bug by the few classmates
because of that -.-
And i let mummy laughed for more than 1 minute in phone
Fine. whatever it is, no one is going to see it ^ ^

p/s:  sending msg to teacher tat I had never met before is really weird :s

Tumblr :D
Tumblr got many effiel towers <3
Just showed michelle album of it yesterday! * heheee*

And owh, AMA!
tmrw tmrw :D I'll show you POOOOH, eeyore, tigger and effiel tower ;)

Sayonara ;)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wake Me Up When September Ends (:

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September september :)
Holiday plan kinda fail. hehe
Went out with family for the whole 3 days (":

Kept going to jogging these few days
I feel Healthy :P
For me is way better than going to shopping center
I don know why,
Imma just weird (:

Spending time with family is always that nice (:
Although there will always be some quarelling
Sometimes i do curse when I got very angry
But I always pray inside that what I curse will not happen :P
I know I will regret if it does happen
So yeah , Family love is very strong ;)

Yesterday was Merdeka day
But I woke up wondering why is today a holiday (Y)
And mummy said there is no celebration
How weird :O

School is going to reopen
Kind of worried about my tight schedule :/
I hope I can maintain both activities and studies (:

Tmrw is going to be a sejarah nota day (;
By hook or by crook, I MUST FINISH :D
I wanted to do encrypted post
But I am too lazy to do it d:
So next time ;)

And do visit tumblr !
I really like those quotes :)
very the awesome!

Go read some :D