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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ribbons and Bowtie (:

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Am here again :P

The very last part after I make a summary for the year 2013 (:
Bear with me kay,
I just wanna jot down little bits of here and there heh (:

So after all the exams and extra classes,
finally i get to have at least enough sleep (:
Still did not get to ditch all the homeworks,
yet i still have to polish up my english especially my horrible grammar ._.

Meet up with the S1 on the 18th,
Choir concert by the CHS choir at DPAC (:
Meet up with the bunch of them at curve,
Couldn't resist to take photos of plushies while waiting for them d:

Went there with Zech with the help of Waze,
Ended up to be the first one to reach hehe :D
Walked through a heritage lane which really amazed the both of us,
and the street with umbrella up there was awesome heh (:

Reached there super early, 
Ended up talking with Yanyee at the booth hehe :D
Saw Mingzhao while he sneaked out with Khaiqi,
So we ended up talking photos secretly d:

Then went around to took photos and chit-chatting,
as there is no place for us to loiter around (:
Went in as soon as we were allowed to enter,
and i can actually conclude that we made the most noise ._.

Met lots of CHS-ians and some people from MCKL too (:
Went home super duper late,
As gor couldnt find the way there and had to trouble Kahmun to send me home again ._.
thankyou god :D

Okay back to the topic heh (:
The concert was awesome,
Interesting much with the way they perform and having a humorous much emcee (:
Literally the guys at the back was enjoying looking at the girls instead of enjoying the performance,
and laughed so hard when we Haolu was standing so near to us :3
Anyway thumbs up for the choirs heh (:

Then went back to grandma house right after the concert heh (:
Slept throughout the whole journey due to the drowsiness caused by the medicine ._.
First time driving back without daddy was pretty weird,
but still i couldn't really sense much as i was always in a sleepy mode ._.

Actually planned to do surveys and finish up all the uni application stuffs there,
but the wifi connection is really bad or there is actually no wifi haha
Ended up reading story books and helped out grandma in cooking,
So mummy actually said i just went for a few days of cooking class :P
It was fun though (:
Then then i also get to play with my cute little niece hehe :D

Anyway, it has been so long that i haven't been celebrating 冬至 there,
always missed how we children sitting around the table and start helping out,
but now it's left with gor and me or even just me ._.
is like no festive feel at all :/

Then, meet up with a long lost relatives from China,
been so awkward sitting there ._.
Couldn't really understand what are the adults talking about,
just kept staring at them and smile like a maniac ._.

But still good to see popo again hehe :D
Get to bring her out for a walk and bought things from the market,
I knew she's happy to have people to be with her heh (:
And her cookings are nevertheless super duper awesomee heeee :D

Stayed there for a few days and got to rush back to peejay ._.
It's good to spend some quality time with family,
Though it might just be sitting down there without much interaction,
but still you'll be happy to know they are there (:

Next was attending meeting for dance showcase during Christmas (:
it was the most terrifying that i ever had ._.
Decided to take train alone as i knew KL will be super duper jam
and i don't wanna to waste mummy and gor's time ._.

Taking LRT from Kelana to KLSentral was okay,
wait until i get into the monorail of KL Sentral,
it was a real disaster to take a monorail,
packed like a sardine and stucked on the elevator -___-
people are pushing against each other,
and i can only stand with one foot in the train .

It got worse when people are still trying to get up the monorail
when there is no place for them anymore ._.
I wondered where have their patience went,
Almost fall when they pushed everyone in to make space for them,
and thanks to the malay lady who helped me (:

Walked through TimesSquare and the crowd,
I have to admit that i have no sense of direction,
I actually lost my direction in the mall ._.
and finally after all the walking i managed to get out and reached my destination (:

Was a little late for meeting,
watched the full rehearsal and done with all the preparation,
was shocked to be part of the committee,
and i was wondering do they think i can manage the first aid box ._.

Then everything was okay until i got up to the LRT 
met a bunch of lifeless people who had nothing better to do,
I have no idea what's their intention trying to make fun of me,
what's with all the sign asking me to call you? 

I have no idea what is so funny with me trying to get rid of them
as i walked to another coach with more people -.-
They even make no sense when they are trying to track me down,
so what's the point of doing this to me? -.-

My first time running out from the train,
running all the way down to the opposite site of the station.
The worse thing was i met that magician again -.-
I was like I'm ready to scream if they ever dare to touch me ._.
Fortunately the whole situation did not went from worse to worst,
was so relieved to get up on the car and reached home safely :")

Then finally meeting up with the S1 again at Jingxian's house (:
Our second Christmas and New Year party on the 29th (:
Started at 4 something which was really early :O
Learned how to play monopoly deal,
and was super duper lucky that day heh (:

The guys were bbq-ing the chicken wings,
while me,rach,shanna and yuning was taking instajacking their instagram :P
But we still contributed some by bbq-ing the sausages teehee :D

There was really lots of food,
we actually had to play games to clear the food ._.
Anyway it's quite fun with all the ideas that they came out with,
and I was super duper full :O

Talking with PeiYin when Hinyan tried to interrupt our conversation,
Tried to make him admit who asked the question he asked d:
Then ZhiXin's new coconut song and how to go MCKL from midvalley,
really made me laugh like mad hehehe :D

Everything was random much that night,
just randomly talk to a few groups of people,
walking here and there and did random things.
but still it was enjoyable much (:

Thankyou ning for organizing this,
Jingxian for the place,
Kahmun and daddy for fetching me,
and most of all thankyou everyone there for making the 29th of Dec a memorable one (:

So that was all (:
If you really did read all the nonsense i said,
thankyou for your patience hehe :D

Travelling time tmrw again ._.
5 more hours :O
I'll be here soon,
tata (:

Monday, December 30, 2013

Atlas (:

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Bello (:
So here i am to write part 2 d:

The month of October and November were meant for exams,
the be more precise is that 2013 is the year of examinations ._.
The fear of facing AS was really haunting me,
how am I going to deal with all unsolved problems in such a short time.

Fortunately, the timetable was quite organized for my class,
at least we have break in between to prepare for each papers (:
Indeed i enjoyed doing past year more than doing homeworks,
all the physics assignments and maths are really drowning me.

Practical session are both fun and scary due to all the uncertainties,
and I don't know how should i describe the written papers,
Not going to imagine how my AS is going to be,
i shall just pray for all is well (:

Daddy and mummy went for vacation while i was left with 3 papers ._.
Though i get used to being alone at home,
but still I do really miss them, especially all the naggings,
okay i know I'm weird ._.

Counting down the days for them to be back,
cause i really need some sounds to cheer me up,
Things are running in my mind all the time,
but luckily there were exams to occupy me (:

I was also really glad to have a bunch of friends,
who remembered my big day,
spent some time to celebrate with me in the midst of exam or even after their classes,
and giving me,sooklynn and kawei a belated surprise (:

Mummy was even asking me,
why do i have so many birthday celebrations.
And as usual gor is saying that my birthday always lasted more than a month ._.
okay it's only true that it lasted one day kay (:

Not to mention all the awkward stuffs that had happened,
Am just going to simplify everything heh (:
Celebrated a early birthday with mun,bun, sooklynn and gary,
Went to Pepper's Lunch,
and i still don't like pepper cause they're too spicyy ._.

waited super long for bunnn and sooklynn to buy cakes,
and i was actually wondering why not we go together,
but  they were actually buying that for me ._.
Was a really lovely cake,
and they sang a really funny but warming birthday song :")

Then celebrated another one with the R's,
Read storybooks while waiting for Pei at the Popular,
Then went to meet up with Khaiqi, Shurui and miemer,
We ended up doing revision for exams together d:
And finally waiting for AMA to show up hehe :D

Went to buy a cake,
laughed so hard when the person packing up the cakes in front of me d:
Couldnt decide where to had our lunch,
so they brought me to KimGary for some reasons ._.

Flipped through the menu and ended up walked out from the restaurant _.
Loitering around and finally went to Manhanttan's
The waiter was dumbfounded when the four of us only ordered one set of meal.
But luckily we did that *peace* 
Their service was really (Y) and their food has a weird taste ._.

Went back to McD and tried to find a lighter.
In the meanwhile, all the plushies were put on the table ._.
The hf girraffes, bunny, kittys and gou gou :3
I wonder what the people around us would think haha d:

They sang me another funny but hearty birthday song,
and after eating the cakes,
the photosession with the plushies started :3
That;s all for the day heh (:

Next was the belated surprise for me, sooklynn and bunn with the s2's (:
Wanted to get the cake with sheauyunn,
when they were chasing after bunnn around d:
Didn't realize that sheauyunn is trying to keep me away ._.

Anyway settled down with bun and sooklynn at the agora after all the chasings,
and lam came down and started with all the plots which we believed ._.
Went back to class and saw the cake,
Trying to make bunnn stand around the cake,
Then that was the time sheauyunnn told me that what the animals on the cake indicate,
i was so blur and shocked which makes me looks funny :3

Viewed the video that lam make for sooklynn,
and luckily she didn't kill me for recording that particular video heeee :D
Then yea as usual the singing and cutting cakes part,
and owh thankyou xinjing for the really lovely card :")

So that summarizes my 18th birthday (:
Simple but touching :")
Despite all the celebrations from the lovely friends out there,
What makes me touched is that mummy wished me on time :")
I really teared a little that moment, 
That wished really meant a lot to me, xiexieni :")

Then, on the last day of AS Bio,
Went to celebrate bun early birthday with mun and gary (:
Unfortunately their refrigerator was spoilt ,
and bunnn couldnt get to eat her favourite cake ._.

Then went to watch frozen hehe :D
Me super duper like the movie,
all the melodious songs and cute character,
and not to forget how they try to show that sibling's love is a true love :")

So after all the exams and a 2 days break,
we were back to our normal lifeless routine ._.
Trying to cover up as many A2 syllabus as we can during the break,
and yea we have tons of extra classes :/

Yes, we are all careworn,
Trying to understand all the new stuffs taught and finished up all the works given,
But thinking of our future we know we got to sacrifice,
and I believe is worth to do so (:

Then finally,
we finally get to have a almost 3 weeks break before sem 3 starts (:
It has been since January since we really had a break,
and i actually don't know what it feels do have holidays anymore ._.

Okay, back to work (:
To be continue later with the meet ups with the s1 (:

Saturday, December 28, 2013

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Sugar Spice (:

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aloha :D
hao jiu bu jian teehee (:

Have not been updating all the events happening.
all i did was treating this bloggie as my emotion rubbish dump ,
am so sorry for making you dull and boring,
i got to make you cheerful now heh (:

hmm, so right after concert and exams was the Midsummer Masquerade
Still remember it rained heavily in the afternoon,
The field was so muddy that we actually planned to skip the event d:
But everything still turned up well (:

The theme was something related to hawaiian,
We girls actually planned to wear the same dress,
but it turned up different groups of people wearing different kind of dress ._.
however i still had my minionnnn to wore the same one as mine heh :D

Reached there super duper early with sooklynn and mun,
awkward enough to see all the committee who were still having rehearsals when we reached ._.
Sat at the cafeteria chit-chatting and looking at all sorts of costumes people wore,
thumbs up for their creativity heh (:

Nothing much during the whole event as i was careworn to care what was happening,
kept viewing through all sorts of minions with sheauyunnn heh (:
And most of all was nominating Benjamin Yew as iforgotwhatwasit d:
All the cheering and screaming from the s2 was undeniably the craziest (:

Next was celebrating Xinjing, Chloe , Lisyuen, Puilam , Eugene , Jijohn and mun's big day
That was the day i lied the most in my life ._.
Trying to copy all the wished from bunnn's phone,
and ended up like i am trying to escape from getting caught ._.
Not to forget how did I fail to make Lisyuen from going up the room,
Never succeed in making good stories ._.

As they planned to give Chloe a surprise with the idea of blind date d:
I forgot how to whole thing went,
but it just ended up with all of us hiding below the table 
and sang her a birthday song when she stepped into the shop heh (:
It was quite a success as the 5 of them didn't really realize the celebration was for all of them heh (:

Then then was the outing to bookfest with the R's :D
Waited at the LRT station for almost 2 hours with storybooks as my companion,
Played with AMA and bunny when we were waiting for rmama :P
We tried to bluffed her that we weren't there yet and trying to made fun of her when she was on the way to the platform but we eventually failed and even got tricked ._.

Walked around to bookfest with the super fail human navigator,
brought us to the wrong way or even lost her way d:
Then loitered around KLCC& the park and went for lunch at Secret Recipe (:
Laughed so hard when the 3 of us didn't know how to take a group selfie.

Then went for icecream and sat down playing with bunny :3
I bet people around was wondering what were we doing there heh (:
Forced rmama to take photo with bunny,
and taking photo with bunny and AMA too heh (:

Returned back to taman jaya,
and went to pyramid to meet up with the s1 to farewell Peijie (:
Nobody wanna bring me up to where they were,
and i couldn't contact any of them after a few phone calls ._.

I knew i should stop trying to contact anyone anymore,
Fear was starting to engulf me and i was going to teared up any soon,
I didn't know what kind of feeling i was having at that moment,
But I tried to calm myself and continue to read my storybook on a bench ._.

Anyway I still managed to meet up with them in the end,
Had dinner and waited for long for zhijie to settle his problem ._.
Then went jingxian's house for a visit,
His dog was following me when i was walking alone at his garden ._.

Then everyone sat at the poolside,
chit-chatting and joking around
with Amanda and a few boys started swimming,
and the boys trying to wet each other :3

Wasn't really in a good condition that night,
all sorts of thoughts were drowning me,
I do not know how to tell the others what happened,
because it just happened that I can't tell everything to everybody or just anyone ._.

Anyway still being grateful to those who cheered me up,
am so sorry for being so emotional everytime,
I should learned to control myself,
I have to by hook or by crook (:

After this was celebrating my cute minionnn and the evil minon's birthday (:
Both of them put lots of effort in surprising each other,
first with the warm and hearty cake that minionnn made,
then with the good planning to make the whole surprise success
and the cream smashing event for Theva, Yunkai and Dylan (:

Before i forget,
Running around with the cake with candles lit,
scattered the marshmallow on the corridor,
and lighting up the candles behind a door which almost scared the person who coincidentally walked out from the door,
all these were the highlight of my day *peace* 

These weren't all the mess i made yet,
I failed to delay the time for them to prepare the surprise for sheauyunn too :/
Couldn't stand the mosquitoes biting me in the cubicle anymore,
and most of all i forgot to bring my phone with me to contact them ._.

Anyway she's still touched with dylan with a ribbon on his head,
singing her songs, the bouquet of flowers and most of all the effort he made heh (:
And not to forget the flower delivery man a.k.a Wenzhe d:

Owh, i must say something about the graduation day they had (:
It kind of motivate me more to study hard and smart to achieve my goal,
Cause it really feels good to graduate with satisfiation after all the effort we had put in,
So I shall not let myself down right? (:

Okay let me make this as Part I hehe (:
random much to list out all the birthday celebrations,
but i am trying to recall all the incident happened,
they are kind of a big event despite all the boring exams and homeworks i had ._.

Be back soon (:
Tata ! <3 div="" nbsp="">