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Sunday, March 17, 2013

R Bunny (:

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Hello (:
It's time to meet up with bloggie after so long (:

This is not suppose to be the latest post,
But due to the pretty smart apps
which auto clear everything I typed yesterday,
So here I am to update a totally different thing ._.

Am supposed to update bout college life
As what I had promised kaisong since the beginning of jan d:
But life turns out to be super hectic,
So uhm do forgive me, heh (:

Am happy enough to be able being part of the new buddies I have met,
Despite that am not the one who starts the conversation as usual,
And I still give people the scary first impression d:

Talked to bel the other day,
Both of us missed mrs Wong and mrs hew really much,
We missed all the moment accompanying each other in tuition classes,
All the fun tagged along with the tuition mates,
And the best thing was extra things that we had been taught have been really helpful in our studies now :')

Studies is like the biggest portion in my daily routine now,
In fact I should say that there is test now and then,
Which I am really lack of time to prepare for them,
Cause the timeline is so tight,
That we have to puke out everything before we digest them ._.

There are moments where I got frustrated,
Felt like giving up in understanding all the illogic things for me,
But am glad to have encouragements and help from the others,
And to have people work out everything together (:

Discussing all the assignments,
Capturing photos and sending them as reference,
Stay up late just to finish homeworks,
It Sounds awful but it is better when I know that I am not alone in the silent night where everyone has gone to bed (:

Though am currently exhausted and careworn
But I believe that all the hard work will paid off (:
I do have my own expectations to myself,
And I'll try my best to achieve and enjoy the process too (:

Joined Latin with AMA (:
Skipped the first few lesson due to the busy routine d:
Had lots of fun partnering with her,
Kept laughing without reasons show how r we both are heh (:

Is not a burden to join clubs,
Is kind of a way to force me to relax myself just for a little while (:
And it's good to spend time with one of the good friends,
It really makes my day (:

Despite that,
Bio sketch was one of the best thing for now (:
Really had lots of fun working with the group members,
And to be honest that was the best sketch from all the sketches that i had been involved in :D

Had previously struggling whether to skip camp with the fellow classmates,
Turned out that only me and sooklynn was the only 2 girls ._.
I don't regret to make that choice,
Cause it was fun in some ways though I still prefer the awesome prefects camp heh (:

On the contrary,
being unable to contribute do make me feel guilty ._.
Am really sorry but I can hardly commit myself,
I promise I will do so at the end of the year (:

Beside that am really have no idea now,
Whether to give a try for the Odonata thing ._.
It's the second last year,
Should I eliminate all the things I am worrying about and just give a try ._.

Results are out next thurs,
Still not feeling tense or nervous ._.
I bet is due to the fact that I have even finished qt
But still praying hard that all is well (:

I think I really missed high school a lot d:
All the random things did with the awesome people,
Laughing and sharing all kinds of things with each other,
That was like the best thing during the schooling days
I can't wait to meet them up heh (:

The next random thing is that,
Msn has finally ended its service ._.
Unable to use it at its very last day due to my my laptop which is still in a sick mode ._.
And pei is still too hl too realize that,
But still I'll miss the day delala-ing :')

Then then,
People have came back from their respective ns camp,
But here I am stuck in the middle,
Not knowing whether am I that unlucky one who will keep receiving letters,
And I really hope not ._.

And not to mention my driving lesson,
I have no idea why am I doing different kinds of weird stuff during lessons ._.
Being short in every part of my body is being another problem too,
But still am doing quite okay by looking at the bright side d:
I must believe I can heh (:

Semester exam in 2 weeks time,
Undone assignments,video,revisions and etc ._.
My zombie life has started again,
So hello headache and little dots on my face :(

Before I end,
I do really hope that all the problems that I am facing now can be solve as soon as possible,
Especially the special issue that we are facing now ._.
I really want to thank people that really care about me and am sorry to make you people worried
I'll be optimistic, be happy, be patient and try to talk more :D

Goodnight (:
With lots of loves <3 p="">

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sound of souls (:

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The clouds are clear,
The sky is blue.
My minds are full of dark clouds,
Hinting me something bad is going to happen.

I just realize that,
My attitude towards life has gone way too wrong.
I'm not in the right frequency with people,
And this same goes to all the events in life.

My apologies it not worth anymore,
Cause it is just not about the times of apology said,
But is what did I do after that to make things right,
And the truth is i did nothing.

I don't blame people for giving me all sorts of negative comments,
Cause that is how people see me,
And maybe the real me which i do not know,
Everyone is my educator in life.

Being focused on something not that important,
Is not a good choice at all.
But who knows the truth of all the story behind the choices,
Nobody knows indeed.

I do really thank people who really cares about me,
I knew that I can never pay u guys back in any means,
I am always that hard to handle,
And always that stubborn to listen to anyone of you.

Reminiscing all the events happened,
All the ups and downs,
Am always the trouble,
I never mend things in a right way ._.

I dislike to make people worry,
But I always do without me myself noticing.
Maybe I should try harder to hide my emotions,
It shall be a good way to make a change.

The 3rd topic of year 2013
I am hardly surviving now.
I do really hope that I can get used of this tight schedule as soon as I can.
I can't stand the tiredness everyday not due to works,
But due to the severe lack of sleep.

I do believe if I want to make a change,
I should start doing something.
But me myself will never know when will I start taking actions,
And I guess that is the main problem ._.

I do not want to make my parents worried about the way I study,
They are just too worried that one day
I'll gone mad and just jump off from any of the skyscraper,
And left this world irresponsibly.

Reduce the time of studying is what they asked me to do so,
And that is what a parents will hardly said.
Being stressful just by looking at me staring at my homeworks everyday,
And I doubt that do I look that stressful?

Sometimes I do wonder,
If I really leave home for ns,
Will my 3 months there less stressful than where I am standing now,
Or I'll cry more than now due to homesick?

That's just my doubt,
I am too tired to do anything,
But to think all the random things that are pondering in my minds all the time,
Indeed I have to get a rest.

People are leaving to a few hundreds miles away,
Sometimes I do think that I will be able to survive without communicating to anyone,
But whenever anyone is leaving I really doubt that.
Anyway still all the best to them (:

I should be cheerful,
I want to be a kid again.
I want to laugh as hard as I can,
But I think I should treasure every now and then with a big wide grin on my face (:
Agree? (;

Friday, March 1, 2013

降落伞 (:

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但我会继续加油 (: