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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hope :)

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Accept ur life ,
Because life is to accept :)
No matter what ,

Peace begins with a smile!
A smile could encourages people.
A smile could enlightens the world :)

Exams come to an end :)
Smile although u can't
Smile although u have been nerdified 

Face the results :)
No matter how
It is still the results of your hard work :)

Do u still remember,
when people are in their bed
you are still holding your books tightly 
although your eye lids are closing 

Make the past as a lesson :)
Make the future as another aim in ur life :)

Natural disasters have no mercy 
It is just like Cedric deduct our marks with no mercy :P

The Earth is in a terrible situation 
Man should start realize their mistakes
Man's mistakes made natural disasters happened 
It is no longer natural disasters
We all should know :)

Let us put our hands together
close our eyes
and pray for the people who are amidst of hardship :)

Together we are one :)
No matter who we are
we are meant to hold each other :)

Be brave and stay strong :)
You all could make it to the end

There will always be a rainbow after the rain :)
and always be grateful :)