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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ulala (:

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Happy Chinese New Year (:
Have a great year ahead!

Though the jam was so long,
But all of us managed to reached home safely (:
Grateful for everything
And this symbolize that we can win over all the obstacles in out life
If we have enough patience and confidence (:

Reunion dinner was awesome,
The feeling of everyone sat together,
All the jokes and talking,
Does made our heart felt warm (:

Fireworks were not as many as the previous years,
Spending time in the cold hotel room,
Sending wishes to each others,
Doesn't sounds bad too (:

Getting rid of all the stress and home works ,
Feeding me myself fat d:
All the Homecook traditional dishes
Was undeniably awesome which no one could resist :D

Playing with the first ever niece of mine,
Surprisingly she likes me the most x)
Cute and tiny,
Just felt like playing with her all day long :D

Though this will be a short cny,
It's still a meaningful days
To spend some marvelous time with the dearest family,
Just keep away all the complaint towards everyone of them,
They are still awesome as treasure (:

May everyone have a prosperous year,
Have an awesome year ahead (:

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sarcasm (:

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I know,
It's just nothing to u.
Such an easy word.

It's not normal,
Not typical,
It's just way too weird,
And nobody has any clues

It's predictable,
Not really a guess,
Swear at anytime,
you are too sure that you won't even regret

Taking a step,
Giving and unpredictable results,
You shall see a positive parabolic curve,
Hoping hard for that day to come

Giving 100% out,
Is a never for now.
Too risky for that,
Cause there is no words of safe these days

Whatever that comes out from there,
You shall take your words,
There is word call limits,
And don't ever get over the fence

knowing which are jokes
And which are not,
But even jokes can't go too far,
Though there is no mouth but there are ears and eyes (:

That's how people see,
And how I see.
Is better to know that,
There is always stories behind all the reasons

Training for everything,
I shall be patience.
I should learn more than I can,
To live in all the sarcasm

Just a reminder,
Don't expect much from others.
Cause nobody is born to treat u well,
But to teach u in a hard way (:

Don't be too sure,
That's overconfidence.
Be wise and learn,
Cause that is what people taught me (: