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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Anthem (:

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finally one day of rest :D
am still feeling very sleepy now,
my waking time is like fixed to 7 something in the morning already :/

hectic week,
I felt it's even tiring compare to schooling days
It's like an amazing race,
started all the stressful days before the exams,
exams came after one another,
projects to be done,
things to be figure out to get myself out of confusion
pick up stuff that I had left out
To think in a positive way, 
at least I don't feel lifeless (:

Kind of didn't keep my promises d:
did not get a good rest as I said
whereas I kind of worn myself out 
hehe (:

Suddenly pull myself out from the trip
did make me feel a little bad :/
But I got to rest myself,
do some important stuffs,
and i really don't feel like going.
I will really worn out by the time i come back
so am very sorry (:

When bad things happen, 
There's always good things followed up (:
At least now i know who are the people i should treasured,
there is nothing that is called wasted when you learn something,
and there is always people that you never noticed 
is actually helping you all the way long, so look around (:

No comments on all the things that had happened,
from all the nervous and embarrassing incident,
a sudden disapproval of the paint colour -.-
and paint sticking on my hand which I couldn't get rid off,
all the tiredness which came from nowhere,
things that i need lots of time to understand 
what people are talking about,
ahhhh , I just want to ignore every of them 

Took photos for sivic paper and cute little stuffs :D
i still can't stop laughing when i saw things i drew on it,
and I remembered i smile so suddenly when I saw the sad face I drew on chemistry paper,
bunny, blacky, gou gou were all on my paper,
having exams with me, heeee (:

then then,
finally removed all the paint on my hands :D
wasted so many time on cleaning my hands,
but now my hands feels very funny,
at least it's not the burning feeling anymore, heh (:

It's time to say billion and zillions of thank you now (:
thank you gor gor for helping me to clean the paints and teaching me stuff for my exams (:
thank you to daddy and mummy for sending me here and there and giving me advices on monday (:

thank you big halo panda for willing to spare me the electone to use, made me remember how to ride a bike
and am very sorry to trouble you that much ;)
thank you miemer for spending time helping me to figure out all the intro's and endings at the very last minute and still sorry for disturbing you ;)

Then thank you to hl rmama x) your hl words actually worked to calm myself down, hehe :D then, don't bomb me too much or else xxyd x)
A super super big thank you and bow to everyone in case i have left out d:

Never look back,
never step backwards,
always look upwards,
step forwards
that is why humans are created to have their head faced in front and up (:

have a nice day.
hehe (:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Life Won't Wait (:

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Cause you'll never know,
what is the meaning of fear,

cause you never know,
what is the meaning of responsibility

But I know (:

Monday, May 21, 2012

Stereo Hearts (:

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I really need to know,
what day is today -.-
is like a day full of all kinds of " funny " stuff
and I d.i.s.l.i.k.e this very much (:

Why did the brown colour thing,
just spilled on my paper
ahhhhhh! That was really disgusting,
and it did motivate me to come here,
to spill out all of my "good" feeling for today x)

stomach is again losing it's temper,
Is already been 3 days okay,
just stop it for this whole week,
and I'll deal with you after the exams,
is it okay? (:

My brain is seriously not working effectively,
I knew i need sleep,
just bare with me for 4 more days,
I swear, I promise I will let you have enough rest (:

and why sneezing again and again,
I almost knock something while sneezing -.-
and the throat is so very the itchy out of sudden,
drinking water doesn't help at all,
it worsen, hmph !

I don't know where did the needle come from,
is like keep poking me from the beginning of the sejarah paper till the end of it,
and where did the stone come from,
go away and stop staying up like a rock on my chest,
you don't rock when you stay up there, so get down (:
what is up to all of them coming to attack me all at once,
I seriously feel like stab myself during the exam,
is just that I can't
I'm begging them to go away now, thank you (:

I'm going to stop caring about this term anymore,
i hope I did well for the last 4 days,
and that is it to see all the mistakes I have done after the exams,
I'll accept whatever I can,
cause I have lose all the energy to keep myself in a good state anymore,
so, I'll say goodluck to myself for the next four day :D

Before I forget,

Happy Birthday big halo panda d:
sheng ri kuai le, xiao hai zi :D

thank you for keep nagging me like a old man d:
sometimes is does remind me that i haven really drink any water yet, heh
you kind of did my daddy's job, heh (:

don't be a crab,
you must also sleep earlier and smile more (:
All the best and stay happy, heee :D

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Madness in bunny (:

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Hi people (:
and there is 5 more days to go
and 7 more days to go,
May is a month which is fully packed with exams.

I wonder who suggested exam,
I'll go back to the old times,
and just make that person vanish
and thus exam will be gone forever and ever,
and people may not have to suffer (:

I felt so disappointed whenever
I spent most of my precious resting and sleeping time,
to solve all the misery.
When there is at least a little confidence built,
and I thought at least there is some improvement,
I can do better this time,
and yet it came out ,
Iamjustapersonwhodoesnotevenknowhowtodothem (Y)

Sometimes I hate it,
when people just happened to tell me that,
they did not study and they did not how to do,
and yet I studied and I still don know how to do,
is a fact, but don't ever add a laugh behind,
I will give you a very hatred look,
and you better be careful (:

Like what I told the hl rmama,
I am just very the hopeless,
when I knew that something is not going to come out on the next day,
yet I'll still go and read it,
cause I feel so unsafe not to read it,
and ended up I am kind of wasting my time,
actually is not a waste of time,
Is just that i have less time to focus on the important ones

So be it, I can't change the hopeless fact of mine,
That's my nature,
and I really want to pray,
that during the exams
no headache and stomache
not to feel hungry d:
no more careless mistakes,
no more sudden blank of mind,
no more frustration,
and please give me some good luck (:

I never have luck,
I never "tembak" the correct answer,
the moment i don't know anything
or even not sure whether is a or b,
"poof! " gone,
all the hard work are paid off (:

back to the world of history (:
may all the history facts, experiments, objective questions and english words and many many more
be good to me, I'll say thank you first (:

dido (:

Monday, May 14, 2012

I Believe I Can Flyyyyy :D

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And now I can't feel gravitational force,
am floating in the sky,
I can't feel the floor,
and I feel unsafe (:

Never expect too much,
and things that u never expect will just pop into ur life out of sudden,
giving you a sudden heart attack,
and you'll laugh like a people in an asylum (:

Never think too much,
never thought you are wrong,
cause you might be correct,
You'll never know (:

Set a time,
get a rest,
release all the stress,
and get a life :D

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Racing Horse (:

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I know that i will never be the good girl
too bull-headed and i always got different opinions as yours,
I am not those kind of person who will not say anything when i disagree,
I'll voice out all the things and sometimes you disagree with me,
and that is why sometimes we got rows ):

But nobody is correct all the times,
and I believe i am the wrong one most of the times,
I always think about all the stuff you said,
when i hide myself in my room after arguments.
I realize the things you said is the right one most of the time,
and I'll said sorry in my heart,
me and daddy are alike,
we'll never say we are wrong when we really are,
but sometimes i do when that's really a big mistakes,
now I'll say, I'm sorry (:

I like to spend time with you most of the times,
I know sometimes I can't bear with your sudden change of mood,
and just scolded me out of nothing,
Sometimes I did get angry cause i dislike that,
I mean nobody likes that (:

But I don't really blame you for that,
everyone did that mistakes and so do I.
Is pretty hard for you to send me here and there
for activities and tuition classes,
I would have grumble if I have to do so,
At least you didn't, not at all (:

Unlike the others,
You still like all the cute cute stuff like me,
you know what I like and what I dislike,
you told me things that people will never tell me,
mistakes that can harm me,
U know I did not like to hear all that,
but you still said them out for my own good.

I always tell myself to accept all the stuff you said,
I asked myself to make a move and make a change,
Yes I did, a little bit,
at least I won't throw all my emotions out to other people when i am frustrated,
at least now I am not so tom boy-ish anymore d:

You told me not to stress myself during exams,
no pressure from you at all i can say,
" try your best and that is all you can do (: "
i love this sentence very much (:
cause i know when I'm stress out,
you can't sleep well cause u scared i might just fall sick out of sudden,
And that is what people call mother's love ;)

I like to hear all the childhood stories from you,
you always said I'm naughty,
and how I played with my food,
kept saying no to every single thing and so on,
and I always laugh cause at least that is my one and only one childhood memories
that will always makes both of us laugh :D

Too many things that I can't express out through words,
I told you yesterday that your mother's gift this year,
will not be any cards or what,
is that I promise I'll make a change, take care of myself and strive for excellence in all the stuffs (:
and indeed that's really the best present , heee :D
I pray hard for you healthiness, happiness and most of all as young as always :D

Happy Mother's Day,
Thank you for existing and sorry for bringing you so much trouble since i was a little kid (:
I love you ;)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sniffffff (:

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忠实地站立,努力地站到更高的位置,去描绘明天的蓝天、白云 (:

The only workbook that never fail to inspire me in every of their passage,
too awesome, heh ;)

Ignore my randomness, tata :D

Friday, May 11, 2012

Part Of That World

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First week done (:
My hands was totally tired after all the writing,
keep write and write and write,
rushing all the time and did not really know
what I was really writing

Malay was totally messed up,
with exceeding words,
suddenly blank of peribahasa,
writing lots of rubbish which is not really related,
nevermind, I'll read my essays when i get back
I'll see how she marks it (:

English was still okay,
but too blur,
I can't see the bold words -.-
But I was thinking if I saw that,
I wouldn't have time to finish my long essays d:

I don know is good thing or a bad thing,
but still got to accept the fact that I didn't see it,
whatsoever, Cedric already took away 2 before the exam
I don't care whether i finished underlining all the points n vsop,
or whether i did a twist or anything he wants,
as long as no careless mistakes,
I'll be grateful enough (:

And I was so happy that
I finally have time to check my chinese essays :D
I never ever got this chance since primary school,
this was the very first time, and is kind of miracle for me
heeee ;)

Just a brief one for the first week,
and yes venn diagram ):
nevermind nevermind,
learn from mistakes, at least is not a careless one (:
I pray hard that no stupid and careless mistakes anymore
for the upcoming papers (:

Then then,
found it super nice to sleep early the day before exam,
at least wont feel blur and careworn during the exam,
heeeee :D

ciao for physics,
andidislikeformfourchaptertwo ):
Idon'tunderstandatall , ahhhhh

tata (:

Monday, May 7, 2012

繁,恬 (:

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When you look upon the sky,
the sky isn't that dark as usual,
the stars are blinking more frequent than usual,
it is not abnormal,
it is just that finally you know that,
everything can be alright (:

Now I know,
what does those words you had once told me means,
I felt appreciated,
I don't feel like how i feel last time,
although it's just a smile, a thank you
it means a lot,
confidence and a token of appreciation (:

It's not the best,
but at least i did my best (:
The comments from you guys,
seriously make me wanna laugh,
although is not a good one,
but still i feel like laughing, heh ;)


星星更 愈闪亮,
愿它永存于心 (:

Saturday, May 5, 2012

熊和猫与蛇的斗争 (:

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只要有心,就会发觉到 (:


至少他又主见,他的观点不一样 ;)


给他一个肯定,帮自己报个仇 d:


只看你的审美观是什么 (:


尽力了,那么你就闯关成功 (:


你不知道你何时是它的目标 :O

而你就是控制概念的主人公 (:

休息时为了走更长远的路 d:

tata (:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Here I Am (:

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booooooooooo :/
stop sneeeezinggggg !
whywhywhy :/

I really did not know where should i put my face,
gosh, very the embarrassing
stupid fake snake on monday,
and now a red rubber pencil box can make scream,
cause i thought is yet another snake -.-

Why so obsessed with that snake ?
keep it at home and keep as your pet ,
don't take it out and scare me out,
Cedric even put it on the tree along the corridors,
wear it on his neck ,
I'm seriously speechless

well, edufair today (:
walked around like a very free person,
I have nothing to ask for now,
I'll spare those questions after I finish college d:

AMA collected lots of pens, hahahaha
She was like going to shopping,
take here n there, super funnyyy d:
Then sit down at one of the empty booth,
and do nothing d:

owh ya,
AMA drew my physics notebook
with bunny, blacky and gou gou :D
but gou gou is taller d:
woof woof, heeee!
heeee :D
was choosing the colour of paint this morning,
got lots of insane ideas,
from all different colour of strips, to hand paintings,
from soft colours to hot colours which is a no no
shu even said to paint the floor blue, heh ;)
Then we all somehow related to our childhood memories, heh ;)

next next,
finally i swept off the dust on my electone d:
teacher kept cancelling class,
I can;t practice at home
and no studio to practice,
one word : dead (:

Played I see the light , heh ;)
dumped exam pieces and played disney songs, heeeee
But now i listen to " here I am" more
a song from spirit,
is a nice movie but somehow not really many people know this movie
hmmm, still got other soundtrack also quite nice,
like like like :D

i guess that's all (:
back to find Fleming,
I'll get to know him better,
I believe in myself, heh ;)

bai bai :D