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Saturday, January 29, 2011


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Hello (:
I am back !

Well school life is super busy.
Started with many many tuition
more n more interviews for clubs and socities
homeworks that need to write many many things
It is so different when I was in form3 :(

The CNY holiday starts today :)
And I have tuitions & music class today =/
Undone work and a whole score for me to complete :O
That's so torturing :S

Chinese New Year is around the corner :)
I like the coookiessss :)
Awwww... I miss last year baking session :(
I miss 3A5 too :)

What should I say?

Happy Chinese New Year :)
Wish all of you have a prosperous RABBIT year :)

Byeee people :D
Enjoy your Chinese New Year!