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Monday, August 29, 2011

Stereo Hearts (:

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Had a superb day yesterday (:

Went Gasing Hills :)
Superboy went with us too!
Climb up and down the hills twice
Although it was raining but sitll fun (:
We took big big leaf to become a natural umbrella!
And it really works * wheeee *

Then went to celebrate mun's birthday (:
Let the pictures do the talking

Taman Jaya LRT station (:

Petaling street (:

Pasar seni ;)
A tourist helped us took this!

Secret Recipe (:
Sang b'day songs for mun!

I don know which station d:


Thennnn, sat LRT back to KJ station (:
Waited for IPC shuttle bus for almost 1 hour (Y)

Paddington Pancakes at Curve (:

Tasty eh?  ;)


Then, went back with mun (:
Supposed to be go back home,
But then mun's mum ask me to have dinner with them
And mummy can't get back on time 
So, had dinner with mun's family at La smthg d:

awesome right? (:

End of the day (:
I must go according to my holiday plan!
So jiayous and bai!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


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ni hao ni hao (:

Holiday is here * wheeeeee *
hehe (:

Yesterday was annual dinner
Got to control the PA (:
Fun, very fun d:
Playing drum rolls again and again was awesome !

Then then, performance for 2 songs (:
The mic me & mun share no sound at all
So is like being flower pot up there :P
But still good job to all the performers (:

Owh, the Yam seng part!
Staying in the *small house * to yam seng without glass
I gt not enough energy to yammmmm so long with them
So halfway stop d:
And Zhi-Qi took the whole jug to yam seng *hehe*

And I saw FIRE!
When I passed by Zhi-Qi tables
I saw tissue on fire :O
They quickly put it off by using the jug of water
I was stunt when i saw that followed by laughing at them (:

And of course,
annual dinner is like always a camwhoring session for everyone (:
Flashes can be seen all over the place
When the waiters had finish clearing the place
We were still there taking photos d:

Here is some photos (:

Form 4's ( CASEY )

Form 5 senior (:

Form 3's 

Form 2 (:
I think he is the only f2 i took photos with 
cause i really like appreciate him for helping me out during sports day (:

Overall was quite nice (:
Although my leg was super pain
I just realized standing for more than 5 hours in heels is never a yes :O

Tmrw is mun mun b'day (:
Happy Birthday in advanced, shuminnnn !
Have a sweet sixteen
Wo ai ni ;)

And celebrate mun's bday!

Happy Holidays everyone!
xia ci zai jian o (:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gummy Bears (:

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Hello hello!
Ignore my last post (:

Watched The fox and the hound this afternoon
heeee (:
Gonna use my way of speaking with AMA now (:

hai shi cartoon hao ^^
sui ran you yi dian dian kong bu
but hai shi hen hao kan (:

gou gou jiao Copper
na ge fox jiao erm, Tod  (:
liang ge hao peng you, ke ai dao si

ran hou ran hou,
ta men chao jia ):
but then zui hou hai shi bian hui hao peng you
happy ending!
suo yi hen hao kan :D

bububu (:
jin tian du liao liang ge storybooks :D
AMA yi ding mei you kan dao wo xie zhe ge 
bu guo wo you sheng bing liao ):
bu xi huannnnn!

eeeeeeee (:
wo jin tian hen lan duo xie liao
suo yi erm erm
xiao r sun dao ci yi you la!
blackyyy <3

bai bai!

p/s: dui bu qi ah (: wo de alien words. hehe

Monday, August 22, 2011

In This Song

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Can I choose to leave everything now?
I never feel I got any support from you all
I am doing for the sake of doing it
I am doing it cause I am asked to do it
How awesome!

I don't mind doing it although I am not the committee
But I need supports and help
I knew most of you are busy,
I don't mind doing a little bit more
But please don't give me cold response

I don't understand why am I doing all these things
Making myself busy for no reason
And when the thing is almost done
I got no response and
If there is response it will be a negative response

I don't want to get furious
Cause I know i can do horrible things that people will never expect
I don't want to burst into tears again
For something that is not worth for me to do it

Now, I am not going to keep working on it
Not worth for it (:
If you said I am irresponsible
I'll say You forced me to !
I might seems to be losing my temper
But I am not!
I am just want to tell you all by actions

I have to stop the disappointed and furious emotion to flow in my mind
I got to be cheerful all the time and live a life that I am who I am
I hope I can (:

And I am really in love with bloggie
I always felt better after spilling my emotions here (:
With loves , blacky <3
bai .


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Slip into bloggie again 
Hehe! Here I am again :D

Monday monday 
I was actually trying to find out what crap did pn lee said today
Random much ehh (:

Music class is really a horror 
Teacher postponed exam again ):
Means need to maintain both studies and music next year
dislike dislike ! *BOO*

If you see me playing with my fingers
Ahemmm, just keep quiet (:
Just playing around with it
So don't give me a " what are you doing" look
teehee (:

And I wanted to start my revision
but too many things are coming up ):
trips, banners and music teacher giving tons of transposition
Owh my gawd !
I really hope this will be the last time in charging the banner (:

August is going to end
means mun mun b'day is around the corner!
and September is coming d:
iggy bubu (:

Stop crapping
and back to work (:
Hwaiting ^^

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Runaway (:

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Hello bloggie (:
Bye mosquitoes!

Bad mosquitoes
Sting on my face and toes -.-
How smart eh * blek*

Better don't let me see you
I will kill everyone of you
If not i will die cause of insufficient blood
Boo you! x(

Then today do segak again -.-
This is the 4th times already
Last 3 years did once a year
This year did four times
I wonder what is the problem with her -.-

I knew that i don't talk much
Except for people who are quite close to me
I seldom start a conversation
Listen more than speak
This is me (:

If I don't start a conversation
doesn't mean I hate you
doesn't mean I ignore you
So, bear with me (:

Besides, i knew that I don reply all of the msg
It is either no need to reply
don know how to reply or reach dateline (:
As easy as this

Again, please bear with me (:
Cause it doesn't mean that i got annoyed or whatsoever

I am really speechless with the affair happened recently
Not going to mention what and why
Cause it will make me put -.- all the way
But still PLEASE bear with me (:

Tomorrow is holiday :D
I bet mummy is going to pull me out
Gor gor envies me again :P
Erm erm..
Happy Holidays ;)

Bai bai !

Saturday, August 13, 2011


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bubulala (:
Getting better. hehe

Went for course this morning
It was quite bored
Everything seems to be very familiar
and yet they are repeating it (:

Went for secretary department
That was really bored
And we were said that we have got up to a pirate ship * hehe*
But still do I really have those secretary looks?

Saw AMA there (:
Same group for the games too (:
actually I was supposed to be in 9
But someone just exchange with me
How lucky ;)

Baby rach forgot to bring my homework ):
She was trying to figure out the korean words on my shirt
Super cute eh (:

Owh ya!
Taylor's Lakeside is really nice :D

Got to take exam on Nov
And the passing marks is really insane
Teacher said 80% candidates failed :O
If I failed, mummy is going to kill me
cause the fees is like loan shark

Got to buck up now (:
Jobs are coming up recently
Trips, dinner, Interview, exams, etc
Wish me luck (:

Tata (:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Forget and Be Nice (:

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Went to school today (:

Felt much more better than yesterday
But kept short of breath ):
And after eating the medicine
Made me so sleepy 

Actually wanted to said something
about the Famine 30 (:

During the 30 hours
I can't really feel the starving *hehe*
I just felt cold 
Indeed learn quite a lot of things
and made friends too (:

And i really want to show my gratitude
towards all committees and volunteers there (:
You all have been very sacrificing
Donating me jackets although you guys felt cold
Giving me many sleeping bags while you guys sleep on the table
Asking me whether am I still okay whenever I woke up in the midnight 
You all are really awesome :")
A very big thank you to all of you :D

To everyone out there (:
Thank you for being concern
I know that I seems very weak but i am not d:
Indeed please don't exaggerate
I will still love myself and love everyone :D

Daddy & mummy (:
Sorry for making both of you worried
I will TRY to drink as much water as i can *cross fingers*
I am always grateful to have both of you <3

I got to go and finish my physics workbook 
And I'll breath properly (:

Friday, August 5, 2011

Toddler says

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Worst taste I ever had ):

Light yellow liquid
artificial yellow
Looks nice
But is taste VERY VERY BAD!

Mummy forced me to eat medicine ):
I was forced to see doctor ):

I don't mean I am getting better
but still i don have fever already
So I don't want to see doctor ):
Jacket and water will be fine already

Cough like mad
sneeze till insane
cold till die

To the girl at the dispensary:
I am sure I am form4 okay -.-
You don't have to ask me so many times about that ):

And still
I don't want doctor and medicine ):

Bye bye (:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

可惜不是你 (:

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越听越感到那距离 越远






Wait for me (:

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Makes my day (:

Woke up with an unexpected temperature
But still I went to school d:
Kind of regret and kind of not (:
But i saw many stars during the assembly
And i was hoping the assembly ends as soon as possible (:

For the whole day
Headache, fever, coughing & sneezing
How "nice" (:

Why do I just fall sick without any signals & reasons?
And yet at the wrong time -.-

I still got the forum tmrw
Famine 30 this week
I hope I can still survive (:

I ain't going to eat any medicine any how d:
I can't have my day sleeping all the time
So no medicine for me. Hehe

I will get well very soon :D
I mean I hope. hehe

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blek d:

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This is going to be a awesome yet childish post d:
AMA showed me LABU and bunny just now (:
Both decided to post on bloggie. hehe

LABU will come first (:

I know that the image is quite blur
ignore it okay? (:

And then her comes BUNNY (:

Actually took AMA photos d:
But if i post it here i will be dumped forever ):

And then AMA de gou gou (:

 hehe (: 

Lastly, I don know is poodle or sheep :P

 heeee (:

Tata (:
Gotta go and rest my overheated body :(

P/s: If you can't bear with the blurness
       I am very sorry (:
       Just doing something fun with AMA 
       No purposes for posting this (:

Monday, August 1, 2011

Vivacious (:

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Pretty please
Stop sneezing ):
I don't want runny nose ):
Go away mucus!
I don't want you to come near me!

Stop having a campfire in my throat
It hurts  ):
No more stars in my head please ):
Let me finish my job
And I'll go and sleep (:

I will treat you well (:
Nights ;)

Έχω βαρεθεί d:

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I am boreeedddd
Very very bored ):

I am alone in house since I woke up
and gor gor is not even back yet ):
I want someone to talk with me!

I have been doing 2 things till now
Homeworks and listen to songs
I am boreeedddd ):

I still got one karangan to write -.-
And a whole book of counter melody to do
But I have no passion to do it now
I need someone to talk to (:

AMA went to do her pp things
RMAMA dumped me and went to sleep
Gor gor is still in his college
And some of them have just disappeared ):
Sobieeeee ):

dui liao dui liao!
Yesterday night super awesome (:

Showed AMA the little doggy, lamb n mickey :D
But she super naughty
She saved the picture *BOO*
and AMA owe me LABUUUU (:
bunny. bobby , labu & blackyyy <3

After that showed RMAMA a pig d:
Looks like her * hehe*
got the blur blur look d:
But she say if want scold her then scold the pig-.-
No way for me to do that d:

Then went to gor gor room and disturb him again d:
Long time din do that ad :")
If still same school jiu hao
during exam can study together till super late (:

Still thinking of  a name for AMA's gou gou ;)
I need some inspiration
AMA's suggestion all not nice one d:

Finish crapping already (:
So uhm buh bye!