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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Difference In Me (:

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 5:52 PM
Hello (:
I know the sun is so nice shining out there
The sky blue, the beautiful kind of blue (:
But I don't like this hot weather
Too hot and headache visited me :O

Can't really concentrated on studies today
Kept going out and erm got distracted by my bao bei d:
Stories that have been told long time ago kept popping out
Then the whole mind is like super random
eeeeeee (:

And these few days keep scream
Creatures like them really scare me out
And that scary video is still in my mind
And that  is like 2 or 3 weeks ago -.-

Recently, AMA addicted to bunny ;)
And I'm finding the carrot which idk where it is now d:
And there's a promise between me and AMA
hehe, can't wait to see bunny :D

Last whole week I am like super mad
Slept at 2 everyday :O
Dealing with maths and chem every night
And my brain is like overloaded :/

This week is going to be tough
Well prepared and stop panic is the thing I have to do (:
I can't listen to mummy advice
I will got nerves and this is super abnormal :/

bubulala (:
super happy for the last whole week :D
many things that i have never done it before have been sucessful
eeeeeeee :D

Nowadays also kept saw tumblr quotes and facebook
hehe, too awesome (:
And bunnys and awesome cartoons keep appearing!
wo hen xi huan zhe gong gan jue ;)

Enough for today (:
Got to reach my aim before I leave home!
bai bai!

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