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Monday, January 26, 2015

Living Life (:

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Bello! (:
Time to swipe the grey clouds away,
Updates on what have I done ever since a thousand years ago :3
*I need to appreciate life*

Let me start from post A-Levels :P
Didn't really make full use of my break,
Indulged myself in the fantasy of novels,
Paid off all my sleep debt * or maybe not *
and most of all having more quality time with family

Did not get the chance to do any part time jobs,
because of transport problem again :3
Did surveys on universities and trying to sort out scholarship thingy,
even did my UQ application during end of June,
but who knows I will end up in here :3

Well, first outing was with the R's :D
Everyone had a tough time to agree on what time to be spaced out,
But at least we made it before Rach went back to Aussie (;

Stayed in Sunway uni with gor early in the morning,
storybooks accompanied me till pei reached :3
I was lost in Sunway Pyramid while trying to meet up with pei * don't judge :P *
Loitered around while waiting for bubu, huien and rach (:

Went for ' how to train your dragon 2' with them (:
sat in the cinema to talk when everyone left after the show,
I forgot what r stuff we did in there,
but toothless is super duper cuteee heheh <3 br=""> Then lunch with them at iforgotwhatshop,
It's a really weird lunch but nobody cares :3
Bombed pei and updated each other,
reminiscing all the memories back in high school,
then went to cafeteria to take photos? hehe :P

two words to describe --> awesome much
Not to forget bunny and gou gou who joined us
heheheeee :D

Then I promised to join Inti Run with KaiSong during A2,
I actually totally forgot about I joined a 7km run instead of 5km,
Felt like dying since I'm lack of stamina and being so rusty
But I still made it by fast walking in the end:P

Did not wait for the whole ceremony to end,
cause we assumed it to be boring :P
Ate our brunch at Shakespeare's,
and had a really good talk with the crazy girl after so many years :")

Had a random meet up with mun, shu, HaoLu, MingZhao and Yanyee
Went to pick up shu at her house with mun,
then headed to Sunway to meet the others up (:
Went to a lunch buffet with them,
The food was nice but I just couldn't finish everything ._.

Had no idea what we have talked about,
mostly regarding where to go and how's A-Level,
listening to all the experiences shu got from her exchange programme,
and had some small talks with HaoLu too (:

Went for some mango desserts,
which I remember it's nice too,
talked till mun, shu and HaoLu gotta go home,
and waited for gor with Zhao and Yanyee and left (:

Had another lunch meetup with yjr before the famine 30 meeting,
Ordered some ramen which i found it different and not really what I like,
However, it's the companion that counts (:

Then went to KBU for the meeting,
we arrived late and it was so awkward to enter the lecture theater full of people
Totally have no idea what I did there,
mainly sending the messages out right after receiving it :P

Separated into different groups for second round briefing
then things just went on with the flow,
despite that we, the station masters were not concentrating,
thus we forgot most of the things that they told us :P

Nothing much that day,
just get to met a lot of CHS-ians,
especially the juniors which turned out to be the committees now
Had some random chats with people around while waiting for daddy to pick me up :3

Went Famine 30 for the third time,
but as a volunteer this time (:
Station masters in the underground car park and in the totally blackout room,
pretty fun and made new friends there :3

It's a really different experience to be a volunteer compared to being a camper,
the need to take care of the others other than take care of myself,
the responsibility that was given from the committee
and the need to learn how to collaborate and communicate well
glad that I have learnt something new (:

Not to forget spending the times with yjr,
scrolling insta for food photos and making ourselves hungrier,
did some sort of hyper stuff at the back of the crowd,
have a quick walk to mcd at late night,
sleeping at the corridor and etc :")

Next will be Chiazheng's farewell at Wanli's
Bet that was the only gathering we had that everyone managed to make it (;
Went to wanli's before she came back from intern,
have some small little chat with eshen,zongxuan,mun, zhiqi and zhining.

yushu, tart, chiazheng came after that,
Went in the Karaoke room for small chat and some singing,
enjoyed baking by eshen &zx, nasi lemak by kakak Mira and shu's authentic Sweden dishes :")
Yuhang joined in later on and had a fun-filled random chit-chatting (:

Then, went back to the room with some of them singing,
some of us having some conversations and etc
Sent off tart and chiazheng after taking photos and having the icecream cake as a form of farewell :")
singing song by song from the list and yuhang's singing is undeniably awesome~
Had a crazy night and went to sleep off at 3 or 4am :P
No idea when will be the next gathering where everyone is present ._.

It was 3 days after A2 results were announced,
Went back to CHS with KaiSong and meet up with Eshen & Zx
It's good to be back but I have lost some sense of belonging in there,
Things changed so quickly that I can hardly cope.

Went to walked around the school compound,
talking about the crazy little things we did before Kaisong transferred.
Then had some small little talks with Pn Chee, Pn Tan, Pn Fong, Pn Tang and etc
I can feel that they're really happy that we graduates went back,
It's a different but simple way to show our gratitude I guess

Did not really get to meet up with lots of people,
More like meeting people by chance :3
Rushed back to MCKL right after the visit back to CHS,
and the nightmare starts.

Another meet up day (:
Finally get to meet up with the farm house buddies a.k.a car-pooling buddies
Shinyin, Le'Vena, Isabel and me turned up,
as jun fall sick that day ._.

Went Fish & Co,
We girls literally ate so little things but yet feeling full :3
Our conversations were more towards the UCAS topic,
and who went where and for what,
I actually realized that I couldn't recognize most people are from YC *feeling meh*

So we went to a toy shop which i forgot the name
Took photos with plushies and played lego on the spot :P
We always did kiddy things like these,
but that's who we actually are :D

Then went for the RM1 McD icecream,
sat and continue our conversation,
then walked up and down the whole mall without any destination
they sent me and bel off when mummy arrived :3
p/s: we still need to meet up in UK as what we have planned hehe

Wanted to skip off this part,
But I guess it's time for me to clarify some misunderstanding (:
I have been ignorant to people who asked me what I was doing when I seldom reply,
Doing nothing is what I always said though I have been on a crazy track at the moment.

I chose to apply UCAS for the 2014 Sept intake,
Yes, only after I got my results and knowing that there is a system called clearing.
It's too complicated to explain why,
But this is how I ended up here in one month time since my late application.

I have been spamming tweets in this period of time,
stressed up by having the need to modify my personal statement in one night time,
to make international calls on my own,
to bear with the time difference,
and to be patient while waiting for news when time is ticking away

I chose not to tell anyone who cared to know where I'm planning to go
and to keep everything within myself,
It's not that I'm being ignorant,
Bur I dislike to give news with uncertainties or I can say false hope to me myself,
I chose to be silent which I still have no idea whether I did the correct decision.

Insomnia was my bestie in that one month,
It's like a mind war in me,
Hoping for a good news yet being emotional that I have to leave home for 9 months in such a short notice

To say or not to say?
News are hard to be covered when I have to asked around to solve my problems,
People got furious or shocked to know the news when they heard it from some other people,
But I couldn't explain these complicated issues,
and I chose to flipped through the pages by muting myself

I would really like to thank my parents and gor,
for being so supportive mentally and physically.
I would be so stuck if it wasn't them to sacrifice their time to drive me to putrajaya several time so that things will be sorted out faster,
Having gor to spend one whole day to drive me around to sort things out when he's busy,
and to have parents taking leave just to make sure I can be safe while settling visa and all
I would also like to thank to all the people that have guide and support me all the way long
I'm really blessed and grateful (:

My 4th graduation in my academic journey (:
Still remembered they sent us invitation card even before the results are out
Was expecting to go graduation on my own again,
but it turned out mummy and gor being able to attend,
totally overwhelmed at that moment :D

Saw Ms Yee at the entrance and had a small talk,
Met up with yanyee, mun, kawei, yunn and the others in the hall,
Flipped through the booklet while trying to concentrate to all the speeches and prayers,
Everything went smoothly until I did something super duper embarrassing

I'm still feeling lucky that I was still able to walked down the stairs and up the stage
and give them a big sunshine smile although I sprained my ankle :3
Kinda had a mixed feeling when everything came to an end,
couldn't believe that I'll miss all the tough college moments :')

Was really glad that mummy enjoyed the whole ceremony,
I guess she was in a really good mood that day
cause she even made fun of me in front of my friends :
ohmy, I should have run away that time :3

Another epic incident during the rehearsal for graduation day
Wanted to give mun a surprise birthday at MCKL since I couldn't join the girls at SS15,
Bought cake with yanyee and took train there,
reached on time which the rehearsal is supposed to start

BUT we made a spontaneous decision to wait for mun's arrival,
and we ended up stalking the IMU's medicine students name list in the canteen
Successfully surprised mun when she arrived * but forgot to take photos *
and when we was about to join in the rehearsal,
groups of people came out --> rehearsal ended :3

*rewind further more*
I have no idea how many times I have went back to MCKL after A2 ends,
to filled up the claim forms, to certify certs and etc,
planned to meet up with bun, yunn, yanyee and Dylan at MCKL one of the days,
on the day to sell my maths textbook and take photos i guess :3

Went to Nu Sentral after we have settled most of the stuff,
Had lunch and we began the Moseb-Kawei thingy,
Quite a blur image on what we really did that afternoon,
I think I went back to look for Mr Joshua and Mr Chung with yanyee after that :3

Remembered we walked from 2nd to 4th floor again and again,
just to find where the 2 of them were , funny much :3
Not sure whether it's the same day where WenZhe appeared from nowhere,
and went to Shiok cafe to have desserts with them :3
*sorry for the pieces of memories i have had *

We, the ' No More A-Levels ' had finally made a day out
All of us had so many after A2 plans to motivate ourselves beforehand,
But we only got to carry out one of the plan only after graduation,
and this is the reality vs imagination

Like what my bunbuncow said,
we started off with ' triplets', ' couple' and ' ribbon girl '
We have no idea how did we stick together,
but we just turn out to be good hehee :D

Well, was late to meet them up at 'breakout'
Luckily the session started late too :P
We literally had no clue what to do in the 'crime scene'
failed the whole investigation but still enjoyed the time spent (:
Conclusion : is a right choice to not be an investigator

Couldn't really remember all the details in it,
Sorting code with the use of periodic table,
Hidden computer in a big big drawer,
Hint generated as light source using bicycle wheel and etc,
Really amazed by all these!

Headed to bun's for baking session after lunch,
baked cupcakes with oversugary icing of the cupcake kit,
and also flour smelled cookies :P
It's my first time baking not so successful cookies,
but still it tasted awesome instead of awful cause we baked it :P

Almost missed this out,
day out with the R's on a Saturday (:
Went to Village Park nasi lemak with Pei, Angeline, HuiEn & HuiXian
Watched them ate their food  while they're bombing me and pei *potong much *

Then, Angeline drove us around the whole uptown just to get a parking lot,
we couldn't decide where to go and ended up at iforgotwhatshop :P
Had some desserts and continued our conversation,
Ann Yee joined in after that and we went Wondermilk

Took lots of random selfies with pei,
then have some small little chat before I left,
Wonderful afternoon spent with them though :D

Meet up with bun and Nicole several days after the baking session,
Touched that bun made it all the way from her place,
Went Lavender for an afternoon tea,
The food is nice but fancy and expensive at the time :3

Updated them regarding my current state at that time,
had some leisure talk ranging from their medicine course
to teasing bun to future evil plans and many more
Short but splendid time spent! (:

Bun passed me the not-to-be-opened letter,
or I should name it as the crying enhancer :P
Took photo and have a small chat with Nicole's mum,
and off we go :')

18th of September --> Exciting much day
Went out early in the morning with gor,
He sent me to Taylor's Subang before he went to uni,
Walked up and down from Inti to Taylor's while waiting for HaoLu,
I bet the guard was wondering what am I doing there :3

Met up with KahMun at McD,
then Zech and HaoLu turned up later on (:
Went to have quite a heavy breakfast,
had the usual talk which old friends had:P
Despite that they have a really huge interest while the topic is regarding some video games and also parking issues around their uni * i found it funny, idk why *

See Yee turned up when we almost finished our breakfast,
didn't get to stay long with them since I gotta meet KaiSong :3
Walked SeeYee back to get his car with HaoLu,
but it got clamped ._.
So we accompanied him till he settled the case
I felt so bad though ._.

Then meet up with KaiSong and pei heh (;
We ended up at Shakespeare's again after being so indecisive on what to eat
Saw Bei-Zhen and shuu when we got in!
So surprised to see them heheh :D

Ate while talking nonsense with the two r
and taking random selfies with pei too :3
Got the email and phone call that I'm gonna fly to UK the next morning,
bravo much, went over to inform shu after that
and everyone was like "WHAT?! " ._.

Went to Sunway with pei and JingWei after that,
Met up with bubu, JiaLee and HsienLoong,
Went to Sushi Zanmai if I am not wrong,
and the 'when old friends meet' talk starts all over again :P

Waited for gor's class to end,
and he literally couldn't find where I was,
so the whole bunch of them walked me to meet him up,
and he's my photographer again to take group photos :P

*rewind back *
Talking about gor being my photographer again,
here's another meet up that I left out :P
There was an unplanned meet up with miemer and HaoLu,
I forgot what happened that leaded to miemer fetching me from my health check

Anyway, funny much unplanned meet up,
Headed to Zen * if I'm not wrong again :P *
because he said it's his shop lol,
HaoLu joined in after that which I don't even know how he came

Got zat again by the two,
but I think I have get used to it,
waited for gor to send me back again,
and he couldn't locate where I was again :P

So I took the big X-ray I have got,
and walked through the crowd in Sunway ._.
Then there he is,
being my so not professional photographer *peace*

Back to the reality of hectic life I have had after all the meet ups,
daddy took leave to ensure my luggage is well packed,
Realized that my luggage is overweight even without weighing scales,
unpacked and repacked for so many times till I was exhausted.

Was on the edge of breaking down when it's almost 1am,
Too many emotions that are munching me up.
Not to mention the chaos before checking in my luggage on the 19th early morning,
and now daddy got a weighing scale at home HAHAHAHA
* I shall have another post by starting from the 19th *

Not even sure whether I have missed anything out :3
But as a conclusion,
a not so fully used yet hectic post A-levels life I have had before uni starts.

Appreciate that I get to spend more time with family,
especially a long awaited family vacation,
really enjoyed the one week time spent in Japan,
made two photobooks so yea not gonna be long winded here :3

Happy to being able to go for a walk in Bukit Kiara,
to not being isolated with the past years anymore,
to be able to cook some simple things as lunch.
to have lunch with mummy and many many more :')

Relieved that I was able to go back to Kedah too during late May,
Didn't expect that I will be missing the CNY celebration at that time ._.
Spending time with popo in the kitchen was heart-warming,
and glad that she came down to KL before I left :')

throwback since i didn't update :P

Spent sometime to be back to dancing classes again,
and to touch my electone which is full of dust,
not to mention how I have lost some of my flexibility,
and being so lost in the class ._.
* I forgot half of my chord progression too :( *

Glad to be able to meet some of the high school mates up too,
although I have missed quite a lot of their gathering,
and am thankful that I have been given helping hand when I was so lost,
indeed, I treasure them a lot :')
*hope I didn't missed out any*

These sums up my long awaited holidays during A-levels,
Another 3 months break in 5 months time,
I shall fully used them this time * I hope*
Can't wait to be home <3 nbsp="" p=""> Semester 2 starts later in the morning,
I shall focus back on my studies again,
Screwed my first sem consolidated paper,
I shall work towards a improvement and do my best ! (:

Monday, January 12, 2015

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I'm so sorry,
But i really have to express all my bad emotions out here.

I seriously can't take this anymore,
I do not know what else can I do to make this situation better.
Reading all the lecture notes again and again,
but nothing goes into my mind

I feel like tearing up after doing that
so horrible online test.
It's less than 21 hours till I need to step in the hall,
to put in all my effort and time I have spent
to face the computer that eats me up
or eventually makes me into a zombie  

It just doesn't make sense,
I'm a past year freak,
it's not because I like to do them,
but it's where I can learn where I am weak at,
to learn which part I did not gain the correct or sufficient understanding.

But here it is,
2 papers without answers.
What do you want me to do with it?
To finish it and tell myself
' You got everything right, no problem anymore '

It's an integrated paper,
to cramp in all 4 modules.
It's a good way to train us to apply all the knowledge we had,
but I seriously can't take this anymore.
It's just the first year first semester

I keep telling myself that as long as I do my best.
But the devil in my head keep telling me that,
You must do well if not you are screwed for all 4 modules,
you are dead, you are so going to fail everything -.-

So what now?
Take a small break,
and go back to the piles of papers,
to continue to stress myself up.

Whatever it is,
I hope it doesn't turn up horrible in tomorrow's real exam
Wishing all the best and all is well for tomorrow.
Well angel said as long as you do your best.

Friday, January 2, 2015


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也盼望自己在学习、健康、人际的提升,安好 (: