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Sunday, April 21, 2013

月光 (:

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aloha (:
there's lots of happening in these few weeks
making my life lifeless but hectic,
and i shall be grateful for everything (:

The lungs and throat are being naughty again,
almost cough my lungs out these few days -.-
honey lemon doesn't help,
and now am hoping that the maduka do works ._.

I shall start my plan to sleep earlier now,
though i guess it'll be kind of fail d:
But I shall give a try,
for the sake of my health (:

Last saturday was Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang,
went back to get the trophies and certs (:
there's so little s1 ppl showed up 
and the outing plan is like so fail ._.

talked all the way long during the ceromony,
and not to forget zat-ing each other as usual d:
went up the stage for thrice,
and smiling awkwardly at the camera while helping becca and mun to receive the trophies ._.

Talked to Pn Hoon as she approached us,
congratulated us and started to comment on the pelajar cemerlang.
the whole thing ended up funnily
as she approached kuokren and take a close look at him d:

Before i forgot,
Had my first google plus talk with the s1, heh (:
I have no idea what we were doing,
but it's still fun :D

Then then,
Sunday test really made me nervous ._.
the CD ain't working and luckily Angie chose the same song as me 
if not am really in deep trouble ._.

Did well for the first and second part,
but screwed the third part :(
Anyway am still satisfied with the results,
at least i tried my best and get to know my mistakes (:

Driving test is just few hours away ._.
am pretty nervous right now.
I hope that lady luck will shines on me,
pretty pleaseeee (:

Tuesday was so gloomy after the meeting,
everything just happened too fast,
is like a tornado sweeping all the earthlings away,
and leaving all the stuff to be cleared up 

The changes in Edexcel board,
are too fast without a long time interval notice and thus unfair.
I really lost my compass in the alevel path that day
and had a really hard time considering to leave or not ._.

Things didn't really go well on the day after that,
the girls were crying early in the morning and throughout the maths lesson
the atmosphere was so gloomy,
cause everyone was asking the same question "are you leaving? "

This issue became better when the ceo called for another meeting,
some people decided to stay on,
but still there is people decided to leave :(

Indeed it's true to say that,
the leaving of valerie, nicole, uva and brandon did make me sad ._.
i feel even sad than leaving the high school friends,
which I have no idea why ._.

It's been 4 months,
I have never been in a class as bonded as the s2,
indeed this is a truth that,
we are feeling sad cause we are too attached.

Unlike the others,
we went for every classes together,
is like back to high school,
it's more like a family than a class :")

we shared everything,
no matter through people or through class page.
everyone in there are selfless,
I can really said that they are really good :")

承载的却是心头上永远美好的回忆 :")

擦肩而过也算是缘分 (:


有着他们漂亮的倩影 (:


咱们也将有在聚的一天 (:


我将慢慢地品茗这壶好茶 :")

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring (:

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

breeze (:

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i have no idea what is happening to my EQ again
can't i just control my emotion ._. 
everything is so wrong now,
my thoughts are totally negatively charged :/
i do really have to keep them in a safety box,
pleaseeeee control yourself, pretty please (:

p/s: bunny and gougou meet up made my day <3 nbsp="" p="">

Monday, April 8, 2013

东北 (:

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好好的作出改变 (:

加油! (:

Sunday, April 7, 2013

茫 忙 (:

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dido (:
Semester exam has finally ended,
I guess i found a new third law pair x)
sem exam screwed me, i screwed sem exam *yay*

Sir asked how's the paper,
and I really had a hard time what to reply him ._.
I screwed and that means i am going to disappoint him again :/
I knew saying sorry and try harder next time is not a good reply,
but that's the only thing i can say
at least not to disappoint him that much ._.

The feeling after the very first paper ,
that was the most terrible feeling i have had,
that's a feel of guilt,
I had to emphasis that apology can't make any change,
because what is done is done ._.

I knew what was happening,
but i ain't going to say, maybe never ._.
I shall get over this as soon as I can,
and find the old me back again (:

back to the 21st of march (:
that was the judgement day,
and indeed a tiring but happy day (:

Reached chs super duper early,
walked around the school compound,
contributed something to the boards of prefects,
and finally sat down and rushed for maths homeworks -___-

Wasn't feeling nervous at first,
started to feel butterflies in the stomach while waiting for stats,
ended up walked around the school compound with AMA
while everyone was in the hall d:

Listening to all the stats was scary enough,
analyzing each of them with karen,
scaring ourselves by calculating the probabilities,
and making ourselves even nervous ._.

was the fifth to get the precious slip,
saw jiachi showing a thumbs up while walking forward
but i was too nervous to figure out who was she signalling to ._.

Was happy enough to see my slip,
felt funny when i figured out which was the one
that made my slip looks a little not nice d:
don't ask me why is it that subject,
I bet is because i live in the present and not the past d:

Hugged shanna out of happiness,
and called mummy as i walked out (:
I have no idea why was i so emotional when i went to find pn hoon to thank her ._.
But i was really grateful for all her guidance and encouragement (:

went to s1 outing,
which they said that it was my first very outing with them -.-
ended up had lunch seperately with the s1,
and went for porridge with qinyi and zhixin d:

was great to meet them up again (:
despite the fact that,
they are no longer calling my name,
but calling me xiaohaizi ._.

Then went for haagen dazz
with the two hl(s), letheng and hongfatt (:
thank you rmama for the treat :D
and thankyou bigfatpanda for sending me home (:

Great day with the great ones (:
Not to forget everyone who have aided me in these 5 years,
thankyou for having faith in me when i had lost my confidence.
and thank you pn.chee for giving me a really warm and hearty hug :")

Next was the annual treasure hunt of MCKL (:
pairing up with the cutest AMA,
started being r ever since at the registration counter,
and laughed all the way long heh (:

went to the wrong registration counter,
and forgot what's our group name,
thought it was carrot bunny,
but ended up it was candilliant d:

Walked around the route,
without having much idea what's the answer,
drawing the "easy" logo,
and laughing at random stuff d:

Too r that we almost got bang by a bus._.
no idea where the monorail to go hang tuah,
walked all the way back to the opposite direction,
got kind of got bluff by the one minute left thing ._.

Then then,
the fun part was the almost one hour time in times square :D
taking our own sweet time to play the music stairs,
walking up and down when there is no people passing by, heh (:
I shall play a song there if i get the chance to get there again :D

Sitting all the way back during both opening and closing ceremony,
cause we need wind to cool us d:
talking random stuff with xinjing,
while ongboonpuah was giving speech d:
was a great experience after all (:

After that was the filming of moral video,
which was due 2 days after treasure hunt ._.
we are absolutely doing last minute work,
as the 3 of us had been overthinking previously ._.

Thinking of suitable storyline,
which does not need costumes and could be capture in the college compound,
and eventually our storyline was super duper limited,
and it was related to studies again ._.

Due to lack of time,
started to film with a draft without a complete ending d:
Took lots of fail shots in the beginning
as we cant resist from laughing d:

The whole filming was done in within 4 hours,
and it was around 6 by that time ._.
Was really into it that i wasn't feeling tired,
until i got home and became a sleepy head ._.

Really wanna thanks to people who helped us out (:
xinjing, gary, eunice and mrchung :')
We would have been into big trouble
if they did not lend us a helping hand ._.

Met up with mun and yanyee the other day at 1u,
transferring video clips, discussing both homeworks and video d:
discussed all the important stuff to put in it,
and did last minute intro with a really noisy background

Video editing was the most tiring part,
spent 8 hours or  more just for one video which is about 10 minutes long ._.
have not been facing editor for such a long time ever since the animation competition ._.

Had been putting lots of efforts in it,
though the production was really not good :/
The moment when the programme told me that it was unable to save and there is errors and data lost,
was really going to be really mad ._.

was 4 something in the morning,
and if it is really unable to save my precious work there,
i would really cry my lungs out ._.
But luckily my prayer did work, heh (:

Though it was tiring,
but at least all the NG video was making my work more cheerful (:
It was also good to have people to be with me the whole night,
at least i know that i am not alone (:

Everything was done by the time of 5 in the morning,
uploading to youtube and saving the files was the most 'exciting' part
sending the files through email at such an odd hour
really shows that how last minute we are ._.
I think i shall do one video for behind the scenes if possible d:

The next morning after the sleepless night,
was really torturing ._.
migraine, loss of appetite and shivering :/
was forced to eat 2 pills and drank a cup of idk what was that ._.

brought problems to the others again ._.
am super duper sorry :/
but still am really grateful to have them with me (:
thank you yanyee for sacrificing her jacket too :")

Then then,
recently bunny is trending in the class :D
bunny here and there,
and not to forget using bunny and carrot to memorise proving for logarithms (;

The bunny and pig family,
built during the very last lesson of bio before sem exam :D
and now we have 3 bunnies, angel and piggies d:
it's good to have a bunch of cute friends heh (:

Planning with ama to bring bunny and gou gou :D
it has been a long time they both meet up, heh
hope that there will be time for us (:

Then uhm,
i think i got to start preparing for my exam on next sunday
and start to work out something else other than stretching
since it was kind of injured again ._.

Before I end,
I shall say life's is neither good nor bad,
as long as I try my best to make everyday a fruitful one,
i bet that is good enough for me (:

也无风雨也无晴 (:



原因无他 (:





未知数 (: