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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Find the suprise in 200th (:

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 5:01 PM
Hello (:
Bio-ing from morning till now,
And it's very boring :/

I thought I have enough sleep
to read it without fall asleep
But now it proves I'm wrong :O
Conclusion: Bio is for sleepless night d:

I heard many of them went to library
group study (:
I never try group study before,
and I wonder how it is to study together.

Till now, I still prefer self studying
Cause I will easily get distracted while people are discussing
And I'll end up read nothing ;P
This happened quite frequently especially before exams
So uhhm, I'll try once and see how it is (:

Planned to finish 5 chaps of bio and finished maths today
Hope it success (:
I mean I'm half way already, so uhm :D

8 more days of final till freedom (:
Feel super happy while think about it
But isn't a good thing cause it slacks me down
And yet it cheers me up while i felt like sleeping
so uhm, think about it moderately eh ;P

And i kept found cute little creatures on tumblr :D
Pink elephant, bunny and stich!
Doggies and rabbits with cute expressions
hehe, they made my day!

lalala (:
200th post!

Stay tune and happy studying!
tata (:

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