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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

出现 (:

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小孩子都好过你 :/

Sunday, February 26, 2012

row row row (:

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beeeep, beeeep, beeeep,
Not a bomb exploded.
just the machine in a robot just gone out d:

today's event was a real success,
i guess d:
but then, you know what,
whole week of activities marathon
haven't ended yet,
but i am worn out at the very last station
so rest for tonight (:

currently look like a panda,
cause i just hugged a panda,
ate a panda printed biscuit,
and now i'm a panda (:

5 more days to exam,
and i dislike this so much,
cause i can't cancel my music class
and am not prepared ):

i hope there is a fairy or what,
came by and just made all my diskette data be there again,
seriously, i don't want to practice 3 new more songs
if it is for leisure then i'll be happy,
but is for exam and this is like a disaster to me

I am craving for extra time,
to sleep (:
cause am lack of time,
so i can't sleep that much,
that's why am lack of sleep

enough of saying little bits of here and there,
study for now (:
jia you jia you ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

dui bu qi (:

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Oreo in milk (:

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dido (:
am suppose to dunk myself into books
like how children dunk oreo into milk ;)

Had finally express out all my feelings,
is like finally (:
Did not know whether this will make a difference
or getting even awkward and the other possibilities,
but at least i had tried my best (:

was kind of going to fall off when i was standing this morning,
i stared blankly all day long,
and there is like an invisible hammer hammering my head
this is so so so uncomfortable ):

Have been super blur nowadays,
i can forgot what i should do or take just in a second time,
kept leaving things behind me,
and did all the careless mistakes.
idk what is happening to me,
i want to transform back to the old me d:

Busy week ahead ,
must add more more oil, heeee :D

not actually my thing anymore,
just hope they have a successful one ;)

additional activities,
get over this week,
and I'm done (:
pray that i'll do my best too!

i must get it done,
by hook or by crook
at least till my target (:

creepy music homework,
40 counter melody to do -.-
am going to try my best,
no promises d:

Say cheese tmrw :D
make the last memories of high school
being captured with a cheerful smile (:

在休息 (:

就没有路让我继续走下去了 (:

Goodnight (:
Say cheese d:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Begin Again (:

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Sometimes things just happened to be there,
no matter how you ignore it,
it just kept occurring in your life
no matter how you try to escape,
so face it (:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Baby Bunny (:

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The feeling when you express all ur feelings out
is super super awesome and comfortable (:
Conflicts settled for the time now,
and now i know is better to have a talk than to complain
awesome day, heeee ;) 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Apology (:

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Grow up,
you are not a kid anymore (:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Spell (:

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然后就没有了 d:

Monday, February 13, 2012

Begin Again (:

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Being too sensitive isn't a good thing
going off into wild flight of fancy isn't a good thing too
it activates the glands,
and sometimes you just can't fake a smile (:

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Falling stars (:

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buuuu (:
My very last cross country
proudly said that i did not regret that i chose to run (:
the number which i heard the people at the checkpoint read :D

Is like the first time sitting at the tapak bola jaring,
then sitting with rach and shanna they all,
no need to walk around,
but just sit there and talk :D

Am also having the fun of being students d:
Did not sit down immediately until my junior
awkwardly walked towards me and smile to me, heh d:
then keep talk to rach they all,
and playing around with them (:

The only thing is that,
I can't even see who was leading us for warming up -.-
I only saw many many heads and people,
all doing different things and i was like -____ -
Finally ignored what they are doing,
did the other stretching with those whom i can saw them d:

Run, run , run,
walk walk walk,
still finish in the time given :D
Didn't expect to got 60, heeee
cause i remembered form 1 that time,
the route is like super super long,
and I remembered i spent like a whole year to finish it :3
And i super duper dislike to run in the morning,
the cold air kept making me cough ):

Then then,
last few years i was the one standing nearby the foyer there,
cheering for ppl like "xx, jia you jia you! "
Then today was like the very first time,
all my juniors standing there cheer for me :")
I can't actually see who they were,
But i heard them, heee :)

Not much thing after that,
just keep talking rubbish with rmama they all,
then i kept seeing stars and it made me super sleepy
And the sun was super super naughty,
was sitting at some place which is shady,
but it kept decreasing the surface of shady place, hmph!

"kaiqian, ni mei you die dao ah? "
" xiao r sunnnn, bu yao die dao ah!"
"ehh, deng xia bu yao die dao! "
and many many more (:
U know what,
am proud to say that I did not (:
cause i don't fall down that easily x)

girls in my class is like super super awesome, hee
one fifth of the top 30 are them eh :D
congrats to rach :D
super super proud of you ! K1016 d:
Here goes my last cross country :")

所以只能停滞不前 (:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My childhood friend (:

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peek-a-boo !

Aloha :D
What's today date?
8th or 10th? d:

 Keep going on (:   

Yesterday was awesome (:

Tomorrow will be a great day ;)

Today is 9th of Feb d:
bubulala (:
Tell you a story,

once upon a time,
there is a cute little girl,
she likes bunny very very much (:

She got a bunch of awesome friends,
many many suns as in grandchildren
She is the "loan shark" in pp d:

she might be,
green tubby,
xiaoji & xiao ya,
and many many more (:

I still remember she said that,
she saw me during form 1,
but I first saw her in form 2 (:

I did not know how we get to know each other,
and get along well,
and became friends that can play with
I only know that,
she is awesome :)

I love to talk rubbish with her,
skyping with her with our dear accompanies,
bunny, gou gou, labuuu, candilliant and so on ;)
and yes we laugh,
and always looking forward the next skyping time d;

she is nevertheless,
Michelle Chin a.k.a AMA :D

the last year in high school,
maybe the last year we can see each other almost 5 days a week
We'll never know when can we see each other,
after we graduate and strive for our own dream
But we still can treasure all the time we have now (:

duibuqi, xiao r sunnnn zhao bu dao,
ke ai de bunny song gei ni,
suo yi gei ni yi ge wo zi ji hua de  bunny card,
xi wang ni hui xi huan (:

xiao r sunnn, 
回头看到的人就一定是你 (:

Happy Birthday (:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


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在继续帮你 (:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

36th chapter (:

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If it continues like that, I'll gone mad (:
And if the pressure during exams come by, I'll no longer a human.
I really need someone to shout or even scream with me in a big wide place,
But i bet no one will do such insane stuff like I do.
I want to shout them out by hook or by crook, cause i still want to be a human who is not mad (:

颠傻的疯子 (:

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因为不管是打字或诉说 ,

也会很开心 :D

愿我的每一个明天都不会被人气死 (:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Crabs In School (:

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My eyes are wide open now (:
due to that super duper awesome 2 hours,
not knowing what is happening around,
but just dreaming all the way long d:

Fine, i admit it.
My so awesome plan for last afternoon
was a fail one 
am a good planner, 
but seldom being a successor d:

I always feel bad to play a total no standard impro,
but now i have found ways to ditch that feeling (:
The not so effective way is by practice more,
and the effective way is by thinking how you people do things (:
I know it is very bad to say this,
I'm sorry but this is really what I think ^_____^

Totally in a moody mood yesterday
and it really got worse after recess.
i don't understand the way they plan stuff,
that is so not systematic,
and I can't stand to do things like that.
Why can't they just accept what that have been concluded
and continue to improvise it or whatsoever.

I don't want to bother if it continues like that,
I'll still do my part if i agree with it,
but not with those I don't.
I ain't going to give any comments,
since I don't have the actual rights to say that,
most importantly I don't want to mess up the situation
somyattitudetowardsthiswillbedependsonyouguys, goodluck (:

To the so idk what person :
I don't understand why am I an invisible person to you,
can't you just tell me what is happening and so on?
I don't want to be a dumb when i shouldn't be one.
Speak to me, not rubbish but important message (:

By the way,
I have the rights to not attend the meeting please (:
Am not committee anymore,
so stop mumbling or whatsoever when you saw me not attending it.
If you thought I did not see you were pointing towards me,
or I did not hear what you said,
So sorry to tell you that I heard that.
Go away and mind your own business,
and you will be most welcome (:

I have started to spam smiley on my books again,
I thought it will make me feel better,
but instead it made me feel even worse -.-
But still, spamming smiley is fun sometimes d:

Before I forgot,
I will remember not to believe my brother whenever he said that
the food is not spicy,
is a total trap to believe that .
It ain't because of he is bluffing me,
but just his taste bud is just too different from mine (:

Nights people (:
Have a nice weekend!
Lollipop for the win d:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

True or False (:

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It is true that,
if i continue to have such lunch everyday,
eventually i will become i don't know what d:

sat in front of here for almost 2 hours yesterday,
staring at the same thing,
but ended up close it without the need of saving it
and yes i did came here to blog (:

Too many things are on my mind,
cause eventually,
since school reopen I wasn't in a good mood,
I suppose this is a fact,
so smile smile smile wherever I go is a must :D

smile without teeth,
How should I smile without showing the teeth? 
I only smile without showing my teeth when I am not willing to smile.
And to be honest,
It is super duper weird to smile without showing the teeth,
is like this ^_____^,
the eyes are smiling but the mouth is not -_______- 

This is what the photography club people told us,
cannot show your teeth, is a must (:
So I did, and I don't know what will be the photo like,
It makes me remember the YE club photo, heh.
I did smile a bit, but i can't see the smiling curve on the photo,
so I guess this is one of the reason that why
thepassportphotowetakeinschoolisalwaysthatnotnice (:(:

And hello people,
Why did you ask me to pin up my fringe -.-
Nobody ever told me this,
and you are the first one (Y)
When I am sure of something, I am very very sure okay
U don't have to keep asking me to pin up my fringe,
cause I'll never do that unless i change my hairstyle.
give you a boo, hmph!

I should have doing my moral project now,
But eventually I forgotten what pictures I had taken today,
So heh d:
The truth is that,
doing moral project is making us seems immoral,
cause we are "doing" it just for the sake to take the photos,
so why moral project? (:
seriouslywhydoihavetoredolastyearprojectagain ):

February, be good to me (:
Make my life more cheerful,
Give me more time to take a rest,
Don't make my pe teacher ask us to double our running laps anymore,
Stop Cedric from calling me that annoying name,
and most importantly,
I must stay healthy (:

Forgotten most of the tiny little and big huge events happened,
i am sorry cause am now trying to balance my mood (:
bye bye (:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Say e (:

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It is always like when you got irritated, everything does not go well at all.
Even if it is just a small thing, your mind will modified them into many many big matters.
I must must must learn anything and everything , because until now only i realize that :
things might seems easy, but it becomes hard when it happens in this world.
givemeabigbigsmileandiwillgivebackawidewidegrin (:(: