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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Letter That Never Came

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That's the truth (:
Indeed I am who I think I am,
Sometimes I am not myself,
but sometimes I am (:

Over thinking,
is what i do whenever I am free,
things that are possible or impossible,
clogged up my mind,
like how the drain is clogged up (:

You may call it invisible,
or even call it as the ufo (:
appearing suddenly without notifying the earthlings,
giving surprises and left with all sorts of questions

Still remember the 13 books of that series,
a real speechless ending for me,
people told me that i wasted my time,
but that isn't so,
cause now i hope to watch the movie of it (:

It's not wasted,
is something new and special,
everything worth something,
because there is simply nothing can be wasted (:

Is how you see it,
as a chance for being different,
or as a chance to grumble,
or even as a chance to get inspired (:

national service,
sounds nice enough to serve,
but who knows the reality in there,
nobody can imagine what's the fate being in there,
deep in forest without friends ._.

From the para above,
there's 2 words that i am really sensitive with,
because sometimes i really wonder,
what's the true meaning of this 2 words,
or whether there is lots of hidden meaning ._.

I would really like to say this,
thanks you for being such a caring person,
i really appreciated it,
but somehow you broke my first rule without knowing,
that's not your fault,
but I am really sorry about this ._.

Minds are hard to catch,
it's just like catching the air,
you get different aroma of air,
you may guess it correctly only at times

being a child is much more better,
you do what you like,
everything is pretty straight forward,
nobody is going to penalize at your mistakes,
instead they will have a good laugh at it

There is no point looking back,
just let the bygones be bygones,
but it's easier said than done,
cause we are humans (:

Nothing can go wrong when everything is right,
and everything is right somehow (:
quote form Pooh :D
pretty straight forward like a child ;)

I still have to remind myself at all times,
so that i will never forget (:
Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart  - Pooh (:

Too obsessed with pooh today,
partly because of that cute puzzle of pei d:
one more paper to go :D
tata (:


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Beyond (:

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chase the wind and touch the sky (:

I'm going insane,
totally out of control (:

Nothing goes right or left,
they just stuck in the middle

Like a kerosene,
i got burnt up easily

I have no idea what's wrong,
so don't try me (:

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Strawberry (:

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171112 (:
This is when i am supposed to focus on studies,
but here i am to edit photos,
to blog here and to express my gratitude towards them (:

Let's go back to 2350 of 131112 (:
was doing physics and talking to pei at the same time,
and i heard a loud sound which eventually scard me ._.
my phone was vibrating on the wooden table
and thus producing a loud sound.

It was zhijie (:
My first thought was what subject is he going to ask me d:
but i was wrong, it's just a call just to occupy my line,
people over the phone started to confuse me,
using different sounds to talk to me and ask me to guess,
i was like omgeeee ,who is who and what is what ._.

time past so fast that, it was 12 already (:
Rach joined call just in time,
wishing me by singing birthday song :")
wo de yan jing jin sha liao ._.
xie xie zhijie, zethong, rachael & jingxian (:

At the same time,
the 2 awesome yet hopeless people d:
spamming my conversation like nobody else,
more than a hundred times of copypaste happy birthday,
throwing millions of bomb towards me,
and i call my birthday as happy bomb day (:

It has been so long i have not been received 
that much of wishes through phone, 
Cause I thought no one wished through phone nowadays,
cause there is a thing exist in this world namely facebook ._.

Checked out twitter after the call,
saw a super super big bunny :D
I think i smiled quite long and staring at it
too cute that i can't resist,
bunny for the win <3 nbsp="nbsp">
xie xie ama (:

141112 (:
I was happy enough,
to have all the awesome friends and family
to remember my birthday (:
although there was no celebration for me as usual,
but am still a happy girl,
cause all the wishes to me are the simplest pleasure (:

161112 (:
Before this I was struggling where to go,
yi jia ren and rfamily both organized a celebration ._.
Both are my besties and I was stuck in the middle.

But mummy disapproval to the study plan in the library,
and her approval for me to go to popular,
I ended up went to rfamily's (:
and indeed i missed my 3 consecutive years to celebrate with
my birthday buddy, yu hang ._.

Received a real lovely card in the morning,
nicely sealed with a brown and white cellophane tape,
Open it carefully and was super happy to see that (:
super touched with all the words in it,
and yes there will be more to go <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">xie xie yi jia ren (:

Went to 1u in the afternoon (:
a little child asked me to play hide and seek ._.
which indeed failed cause it ended up,
they had to find for me in the popular d:

Walking around while trying to call pei,
hsienloong was like kidnapping me and michelle d:
Talking about bunny along the way with ama :D
accidentally walked into a shop where the shopkeeper stared at me ._.

Stopped by at fish & co at last (:
viewing bunny's photo on ama's phone,
laughing at my imagination on strawberry head d:
and guessing will pei show up in the end ._.

Jayden joined in,
the 2 guys were talking their things,
and me and ama kept laughing about other things d:
great mind are alike i guess, heh (:

Then there was suddenly a gale,
blew a big cake and sand into my eyes again,
was awkward much too see the waiter taking a cake,
and for sure really appreciated it (:

They sang birthday song in 3 languages,
wishing for all is well,
tried so hard to blew off the candles at once,
and i cut the cake until it was not in ratio at all d:

Fruit of the day will be strawberry d:
ama and I was laughing while eating the cake,
Kept imagining the straberry bunny head again , heh
can't wait to see that :D

Being dragged to arcade after lunch ._.
I thought I was just going to see them play,
ended up got forced to threw some basketball,
in order to take back my bag ._.

Then, went camping at popular d:
Finished the past years that i want to do,
the 2 boys were talking more than studying d:
but is better to have someone there (:
thankyou Michelle, Hsienloong and Jayden (:
and not to forget pei who wants to join in but failed d:

This year,
I realized that i got more awesome friends that i thought,
they just don't fail to surprise me,
be it yijiaren, rfamily, the s1's, and even normal friends :")

Though all of their way are simple much,
but for me is the sincerity that counts (:
I do not know whether all of us will still keep in touch even after this year,
cause everyone will have their own pathway in the new chapter of life,
but still i really want to thanks everyone of you,
and i hope to keep in touch with all of you (:

To my family,
thank you for taking care of me and lending me a helping hand,
whenver , wherever throughout this 16 years (:
I might be the worst out of all, being a big trouble all the time,
but still thank you for all the patience that made me feel really warm :")
There is nothing i can express well through word,
but i strongly believe that family bonds is purely the strongest (:

To yijiaren,
Though I have not been talking much whenever i am with you people,
but thank you for all the wonderful memories you all gave me,
thank you for all the support and always be with me,
from form 2 till now,
from probationers till camp till retirement in the prefectorial board,
from studies till having fun with each other,
and I am sure there will be more to go (:

To pei,
Although most of the things we talk are rubbish , HAHA
but you are always with me no matter rain or shine,
walking out to school everyday after school dismiss,
having rubbish conversation everyday,
encourage and laugh at each other,
Though you have not pop out yesterday,
i would still like to say thank you (:

To Michelle,
Everytime we talk it would be bunny, gou gou,
and many more plushies :D
I still remember we brought gou gou and bunny to school,
skyping to play with them,
and the things we did always made rmama shook her head d;
I feel happy to do all these things with you , heh
xie xie ama and bunny (:

To Rach,
Hello my 4 years classmates :D
sitting beside me for 2 long years,
helping each other in everything,
and you had been a good messenger of kaisong, heh (:
xie xie rach and smile more :D

To the s1's
Being 2 years of classmates,
though i was not in class at quite a lot time,
and i don't make noise with you guys d:
but still there are lots of memories that i can't said them out.
Thank you for giving me lots of laughter and many more (:

I do not think I can finish this now,
i should go back to my studies ._.
Maybe I'll do it after spm and maybe after class trip (:
once again,a very big thank you for giving me an unforgettable birthday (: xoxo 

最亲爱的你 (:

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最幸福的是知足 (:

Saturday, November 10, 2012


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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Anthem (:

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am back (:
finally 10 days to rest,
before the war continues.

was going to cramp down,
luckily my mind was still with me, heh (:
If you think you can stand still,
you will never fall (:

Glad to have a deepavali ,
one week of break is just too nice d:
lesser stress and to enjoy my day :D
and my own record will still have its legacy x)

Papers were a little harder than the previous years,
but i bet the 95's will be tough enough,
to win this race till the end,
and put a big radiant smile on their face (:

I bet now everyone will remind themselves that,
never rely on tips,
you will never know what will happen,
if your mind has just that few little things,
never take shortcuts (:

malay papers was not that bad (:
felt lucky that i helped mummy,
if not i will not have come through that one and only question (:

not to say how sejarah was,
it kind of ruined people's mood.
failed to get a sleep the day before,
and ended up fall asleep in the exam hall -_____-

then english was a little confusing,
but at least is above average (:
and the one i like the most was,
mod maths and my beautiful smooth curve :D

I should said,
however it was done,
i will just try to stay positive,
it's simply because difference cant be made,
so uhm be an optimist and hunt down the others (:

Got to fully use all these holidays,
to get enough rest d:
and prepared well for the others (:
6 more days to go,
hwaiting ^^

That's all for today,
 see ya ;)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Beyond ineffable (:

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Ello (:

The 11th chapter of 2012 has finally arrived,
and i have got an awesome friend,
whose birthday indicates the arrival of this awesome month ;)

2 years of classmates,
2 years of time spending together in the class,
being retarded much during the old times,
but the important thing was the old good days :)

From total silence,
to lots of talking during the class d:
the times when we worked hard for our school works,
did other things in those unimportant periods, heh

I still remembered we showed the pig on your pencil box,
to a bald teacher d:
I forgot what made us did it,
but i still find it funny till now,
and i missed all the small little things u hang on ur pencil box :D

Highlighters war,
taking out my hairbands,
tried to annoy me at times,
and other random stuffs u did,
memories eh (:

Now that you are in college,
and am still stuck at spm stage ._.
Congrats on your o-levels results,
you crazy smarty d:

great to see that you learned much more things
in nexus and taylors (:
i bet you have now got good speaking skills,
and writing skills since you wrote for so many papers (:
Salute to you, rflamingo :D

by the way,
knew you are so desperate to see the video of my performance
don't ask me why i know cause it just happened that,
you told rach you wanna see it d:

i bet rach know where to get it,
and i just got shocked by the time i knew that,
actually someone had that,
so uhm bet that  you will be happy to know this d:

3 more days to spm,
goodluck in your bm too (:
we'll meet up after christmas,
to have a triple celebrations if we both can (:

All the best to you!
have fun with your busy month,
treasure them and you'll find even small things
can be big things next time when you recall them back (:

Happy Sweet 17th Kai Song :D
buttercup, bubbles, and i remembered there is something like bian mian bao right? d:
Stay happy and pretty!

before i forgot,
me wanna see you with your long hair down,
you looks very pretty with your long hair :D
and we should really take another pic,
if not i got to put the same photo again d:
Enjoy your big day and see ya!