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Thursday, December 11, 2008

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What is your name ? ( please give one answer )
Chong Kai Qian

What is your nickname ? ( please give one answer )
chicky (pls don't call me this!!)

Three books which you often read ? ( please give three answers )
Sry... really don't know

The things gain from blogging ? ( please give four answers )
1.I know wad a blog is for (for wasting tyme..)
2.Get spastiking with frens
3.Get improve in typing (lame ans..)
4.Don't know wat to write (hehe... forgive me ar)

Your favourite food ? ( please give five answers )
Mum's cooked dishes?

I think tats all. i'm very choosy on food

Favourite songs ? ( please give six answers )--This is hard to answer.
Over The Rainbow ( Whoever sings this)
Viva La Vida- Coldplay ( Meaningful song)
Can I Have This Dance- Vanessa Hudgens& Zac Efron
Us Against The World- Westlife
We Are The World- Michael Jackson& Friends (Meaningful also)
I'm Alive- Celine Dion (Makes Me Alive..lol)
Superwoman-Alicia Keys

Places that you wish to go ? ( please give seven answers )--who will not wish to travel round the world?
Canada(I like Snow)
Japan (High tech??)
Maldives (Blue Blue seas...)

Can't Make Up my Mind.....

All-time fovourite dramas, movies, or animes ? ( please give eight answers )

Any cartoons will do.... but not scary cartoons....

Items that you wish to obtain ? ( please give nine answers )
- Storybooks (I prefer storybooks more than bro references books)
- A new mouse (as my mouse had spoilt)
- stars??? (jk)

I don't hope to get anything... haha

You want to pass this tag to ? ( please give the names of 10 friends )
I tag..

Wan Li
Yu Shu
Yin Jun
Yan Yee
Sue Mun
Pei Pei