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Friday, January 29, 2010

Tiring Day

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today is tiring ....

the fun part that i enjoyed today is going for the calligraphy thingy =)
me, hoi en n yu hang were talking craps while writing..
not really concentrate on that since i do not care much...

I left too much of ink...
So I take a new paper =)
Actually wanna write another type of writing
but end up with scribbling the 'good' quality paper X)

* my mum said tat scribbled paper is really 'nice' X)


after that... went for SLAD meeting :)
den went for house practice.
walk 2 rounds out of 3...
cause i am waiting for the r p..
but she do smthg..
end up by she is waiting for me ==


reach home by 6..
den go to some activities..
back by 10 smthg =)
I am blogging while thinking :D

It's a boring post
So.. enjoy if u can :D

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Burfday Wan wan =)

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Happy Birthday dear Wan Wan!
Wish have a
15th =)

All the best in everything =)

Gerko Dayyy :)

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Hi people =)
gerko day 2day...
Dutying at SLAD ;)
quite fun selling those cute teddy n key chains

C.A.S.E.Y actually wanna join badminton...
but we go squash =/
the badminton stall was crowded...
we can't even squeeze ourself in the crowd of boys..
so..Change to

Smthg funny happen too :D
my bro join tai chi
RCK join taekwando!
can't imagine how would it looks like..

Me is tired! so..

Friday, January 8, 2010

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after studying in morning session for one week
this is my conclusion...


when Form 1.. i am not used to afternoon session..
but now i am not used to morning session
have to try my best to used to it =)

hmm.... overall is quite okay =)
juz a few of the subject teeche
makes me feel boring :(
expecially the one talking more craps...

morning session... hmm
let me get use to wake up early...
carrying tons of txt books...
some other ways of doing homework...
having more time...
n lots more

The status now is OKAY :)
so people...
All the best :D
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Happy Birthday Jia Lee
a.k.a mushroom =)
Wish u have a sweet 15 :D

All the best!
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Happy Birthday dear Eshen =)
Wish u have a wonderful 15 :D

All the best!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

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希望2010 更美好~~