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Monday, May 30, 2011

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 6:06 PM 0 comments
Seems to be a horribly hot evening (:

Exams ended !
How interesting ;)
Holidays started ! *Whee*

But now i started to get bored
No more aim
No more waking up early in the morning
Everyday wake up
and thinking what to do :O

Despite tuition n more tuitions
and YE production
Seems like i got nothing to do :(

I don wan practicing the same few songs
I don wan to sit in front the computer n finding something to do

I need storybooks :)
and indeed STORY!
maybe some new aim ?
But i got none of it :'(

Just back from YE production (:
Full of sastification i guess
Did 2 super ugly eggs
ended up with glue all over the hands
It's super sticky
I don like it * BOO*

The fun part was sewing the guni sack :D
I used to hate sewing things during form 1 n 2
Cause whatever we are doing, the teacher will complaint
and said REDO :(
but now i found it FUN :D

Going to school almost everyday
It isn't sounds like a holiday
I remember i havve got 周记 to do
But  dislike the theme given
I donwan to recall backs the exams :(

Happy hoildays everyone (: