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Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Hello people :)

I found that i have been so weird nowadays

- I like saying bububububububu ( baby talking by michelle )
- I could not look at the music scores for a long time 
   * I'll yawn and feel sleepy =/
- I feel sleepy
- I know something is there for me to do, but I don't do it
- I experienced many weird incidents
- I read English story books instead of Chinese =")

p/s : There is still lots more which I lazy to mention =P

Besides, currently addicted to
* Gleeeeee
* Story books
* Clearing out my books with sastification =D
* Listen to stories =P

I think thats all i wanted to say :)

I haven't mention my big big problem =/


I N-E-E-D   H-E-L-P

I could not manage finish drinking my water =/

I ignored all the music scores and my music lesson will be start soon =(

I found that i could not managed to choose whether to take extra subject or not

I am worried whether I can cope up with all the things

WTG =)
Have a nice day !

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Awesome :)

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Awesome :)
Awesome me ?
Awesome week?


Hello awesome readers!
I am here again!
Here are my superb awesome week!

- Went Genting with my awesome friends :)
- Get through many many screaming journey
- But at least I had went beyond myself :D
- Thank you to Eshen, Emily, Wan Li & Yushu!
- You are all AWESOME :9

- Had a quite lifeless life in school =/
- Loitering around the school compound
-Watched some badminton competition matches =)
- Listened to songs sang by Yi Zen, Eshen & yushu
- The END

- No trip again =3
- Played CLUEDO with my awesome friends *like*
- Not lifeless anymore =D

Part 1
- Went Tenmoku pottery factory to make our own cup
- Eshennn drew some conversation on hher cup
- Wan wan drew MAYDAY n MUSIC MAN
- Mun Mun drew some beautiful motifs =)
-Yushu drew some kawaii creatures
- Ate fried rice in school  *dislike*
- Bel spammed Eshen's hand n drew PATRICK on my hand =D

Part 2
- Went Eshen's house for baking session wif Bel n Hui En
- Went OUG to shop grocery *whee*
- Made lots of sandwiches *yummy*
- Made many many COOKIES!
- AWESOME right?
- Went the park nearby Eshen's house
- Being childish n had lots of fun =D
- AWESOME day =D

- Participated in Treasure hunt in school
- Quite fun =D
- Redecorated the SLAD notice board
- Went to practice *tiring*
- Had a tiring but yet AWESOME day :)

Although the Pee Emm Ar had just passed about 11days
I felt like it had passed 1 month ago =D

Life after PMR is really boring =/
I'll still enjoy cause next month onwards ,
I will lead to a busy life =D

Have a nice day & an awesome week !

Friday, October 15, 2010

Notes ::))

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Good afternoon readers and my fellow friends :)

I am hereby to note everyone that please write ur name that can be recognize there instead of using symbols and some other names :)

I hope for your cooperation!

Thank you and have a nice day =)
p/s : This is notice that u r noticing now is worth to be notice :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


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I survived

I am 

I am 

Very Happy
Molto Felice
Veldig Glad

I have got lots of p/s

1. The Pee -  aM  - aR is OVER!

2. But I don't feel like it's over 

3. The reference books are still piling on my cupboard

4. I still feel like finish them and THROW

5.I am going to send them out.. OUT

6.The SPM books are coming over

7. But story books come first =P

8. I have to screw back my music

9. I have to have FUN

10. I have to say I miss those days

11. I like the way we study together

12. I find nothing n more nothing

13.I know this is life after exam

14. But i have to fully use

15. Time flies

16. I know I am blogging

17. But I type craps

18. So... STOP 


Song of the day : Gloria Gaynor - I will Survive