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Friday, March 26, 2010

Rness =D

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See my title?!
I do think u get what I mean =)

Yeah! Rness
I am here blogging cause
I am too bored while waiting the rp to online
cause she ask me go like her don know what status...

something r happen to the r pei pei =X
Her white short sleeves school shirt
let Le Theng pull till TORN!
ahahahaha.... den she keep on go tell everyone
this shows her RNESS!

Then I go rumah with her....
go run the 100m
she said she wan run last
den let her be last
I go run slow slow den keep on ask her run fast a bit
then i finish the whole track already
I turn back and saw her WALKING
so very R!

then the 600m leh...
i run two rounds adi...
waiting for her at the end there
I wait for about 15 sec adi
she haven reach
Then I heard the QM counting down =)
I was so very happy cause
I did not waste my energy go walk half round the need go back again
thanks to Pei Pei rness la =D

Then now i am still waiting the r panther to on ==
Fine... don't want wait already xP

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Hi people!
I am here blogging again :D

my exam were extremely BAD
especially MALAY n KH
talk about malay i feel like killing someone else!

First of all...
the objective questions i wrong something that i shouldn't wrong..
FINE... thats just a few of it
BUT then...
I was totally get shocked when i saw my KBR marks!
2 para was gone! GONE!
teacher count word by words and i am DEAD!
One of my Isi and conclusion has been ignore...
i really feel BAD and totally SAD!

Then KH...
I do not know why i still wrong that much
I have been working so hard for it !
i read it for twice!
but i wrong more on KH than other subject....
I am so speechless >.<
i cannot blame myself
cause i am not careless
I did read and revise
but still i get that
I wonder how....
How am I going to face this paper in tmrw KH period

fine.. Its the past =)
the only thing I can do is work harder!
and last but not least
'10 Prefect camp was extremely AWESOME!

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Over ; )

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I am back to blogger ;)

Well, exams is over
Holidayyyy is here =D
I had ended my less than 5 hours sleeping time per day...
Enjoying myself with the story books and melodious songs
What a wonderful thing!

Think about what is goin to happen next after the holiday
it will be :(

Hmm.. talk about this term exam
I will say is terrible for me!
Every subjects were pushing me to the cliff
and forced me to jump down....
I really can't imagine what is going to happen next ;(

Why I am thinking so negatively now?!

I should
Enjoy this holiday full of activities
Try to enjoy the activities
thinkng positively
Recharge my body ' battery '
Move forward to where i am aiming

And here is some birthday wishes
Happy Birthday
* Sarah Ngai ( 12/3/10 )
* Kah Hoe ( 11/3/10 )

All the best in everything

And to everyone
Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


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I am just here to wish
Wen Shuen
Happy Sweet 15th =)
Wish you have a blast & good luck in everything =D

CHS-ians. Gambateh in exams ya = )
study SMART :D
~ currently is in a bad relationship with computer xP ~