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Thursday, August 30, 2012


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am not satisfied with my papers ):
no matter how I think,
I just felt that I write out of topic,
is just like an essay with no points ):

moral papers is suppose to be okay,
you know, it is suppose to be,
I really hope with that additional 2 words,
or even missing out that 2 words which is not the key words,
does not matter (:

i really wish that,
if not I'm doomed in both essays ):
why headache and mind blanked :"(
think positively,
I will really try (:

go away pleaseeee (:
seriously this is super suffering,
I can't stand the pain while I'll have to think.
it's trials you know.

hambatan of mine during trials,
not to blame anything,
just there is lots of hambatan d:

Little Alchemy,
funny little things,
think out of the box and get something that might surprise you,
not bad to play it when am not in a good mood,  heh (:

I'm over with these 2 days,
no more over thinking,
be optimistic,
and prepared well for the rest (:

2 more weeks to go,
goodluck (:

Friday, August 24, 2012

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Isn't this too last minute?
Ruined my happy mood to the max -.-

Things just got worse and worse,
from the moment when a bad things started to invade.
can't you just stop showing me error,
and proceed it pretty well -.-

i already waste my precious time
to try again and again,
and that is what a "good" response you give me -.-

This is suppose to be a happy post,
and yet what a good phone call,
i should said what a good email -.-

no more bad things will ever exist.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Paddy Field (:

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lalala, hehe
finally reached hometown ;)

am really like old lady,
once travelled in car or bus,
i'll sure encounter both back and neck pains,
really need to have a good sleeping postures next time d:

I actually owe lots of major events,
owh well,
I actually did not know how to start d:

let me think let me think,
tracing back is actually quite hard.
lalalala (:

Famine 30 (:
well, not as fun as last year,
not organised and a little bit bored.
kind of like the speaker from Sarawak (:

much inspired by her,
both her courage and kindness, heh ;)
ditched the igloo and went out to the desert
and blood suckers just love me too much,
stung my face and neck,
and that really annoyed me much -.-

kind of stayed up whole night,
saw them playing card games,
people came out for some conversations,
rushing homework in the midnight,
and thus waking me up now and then

met a person who just so weird,
having a conversation isn't that bad at first,
and am very awkward to take that paper,
i mean why do I need that?
okay, skip this d:

became a man in the game d:
Hao Lu was my "wife " and sarah was my "kid"
memorizing stuff like insane people,
and somehow got body checked by the committee,
well, thanks to my "wife" for the randomly ticks d:

Leaned against eshen's back to be more comfortable,
mini concert was still not bad,
quite entertaining though (:
and most importantly,
the thing i did there was really kept drinking water, heh ;)

Next day was superb tired,
really slept anywhere i went,
waiting outside the stadium and talked,
seemed very lifeless d:

sitting on the floor,
looking at people's back and chairs,
lots of leg up above our heads,
other participants still cheering energetically,
and yet i dozed off again d:

those performance was really great though,
somehow sympathy towards the poors,
i mean they are really brave to live on,
sometimes i wonder will i survive if i am there

Did not get our food on time,
looking at people counting down with their foods,
making the few of us felt more hungry,
even plain water tasted sweet that time d:

sometimes i do wish that,
there will be rain at the places which encounter drought
and a big big sun at the places which rains all day long,
if everything is in equilibrium,
people may not suffer right?
so uhm, pray for it (:

then then,
I somehow just remembered,
i skipped school on last monday d:
Just felt lazy to go since there is no reason for me to go on that day d:

Finally finished all the students corner stuffs,
hope there is no problem anymore,
but i just felt that this year chinese articles
is not as interesting as last years :/
I don't satisfy with my work cause of it,
i don't know why,
but i just felt so wrong and guilty :/

back to last Friday :D
Group studying, the square brothers birthday and annual dinner ;)
Group studying was quite well,
despite there is more talking after 12 d:
but still at least there was some progress and learnt something new :D

Loitering around the shops after 3,
going in to every restaurant and walking out eventually not after one minute,
too late to have our lunch and they were all going to close d:
went The Bee at last (:

Had fun looking at the boys eating food that does not belongs to them,
laughed so much when they encounter some are actually their own food d;
secretly giving mun a surprise with the cake and camera ;)
and the upside down tag was really awesome :D

arrived pretty late for annual dinner,
even later than the teachers made us felt a little embarrassing,
sat with the teachers made both teachers and us felt so awkward to talk,
and surely i will not tie like that to school okay, dear teachers ;)

Performances was super super nice (:
Humorous, touched and nice ;)
and yeah, kind of got bluff by the juniors,
that is not what we call casual wear , lol

somehow this was the last annual dinner ;")
I got touched by the video where yuhang was expressing all his feelings,
the special secret performance by him :")

is true that,
we won't find friends like this in the society next time,
the peer pressure made everyone to protect themselves from all the dangers,
we can rarely find true friends.

Although this happened in school too,
but is not as serious as in the society (:
Although some of the bond might not be very strong,
but at least we have faith in each other,
we don't really have the intend to do something bad
in order to benefit ourselves.

Few more months to graduation,
I did not know how will i feel on that day,
Is not like in primary school,
knowing that i still can meet all my besties in secondary school,
after secondary school,
i'll really be separated with almost all of them,
got to start all over again in the new surroundings,
not knowing what will happen next,
okay, I'm over thinking again d:

But still,
awesome night, awesome day (:
May the bonds get stronger and stronger ;)

i would like to say,
mummy bought a really cute shoes yesterday d:

back to studying,
and wake up brain cells,
don't sleep anymore, am not a pig :D

tata (:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August (:

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Hello bloggie (:
Had dumped you for 15 days,
too busy to visit you,
and here I am to say hi to you again :D

lots of things happened,
am quite tired from all the works,
super super not energetic nowadays,
felt sleepy all the time :/

School holidays starts tomorrow,
how I wish it is not a holiday tomorrow,
hate to have exams on saturday,
moreover they spilt the sejarah papers ):
How i wish they spilt the add maths and chemistry,
but they just didn't ):

13 more days to trial,
do not know whether i can prepare well this time,
hope I can, and maybe i should say,
I surely can (:

Hope that it'll be a productive day tmrw,
though i got to be home alone,
not really alone since mummy is coming back for a short interval, heh (:
aiming for chemistry and physics :D

Annual dinner on friday,
As usual kept thinking of what's the point.
It supposed to be meaningful this year since we have retired,
and that it is meant to kind of farewell the form 5s'
but seems like they're kind of forcing us go,
whatever it is, let's see how will it be (:

Important updates on major events will be up tomorrow (:
stay tuned and tata!