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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friends, Balloons, Sweets and Laughthers (:

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bibobibo (:
today's post must be happy one
throw away those annoying stuff ,
cause i want to smile more (:

start from Thursday (:
Actually was super super angry that day,
but also got abit proud of myself d:

Cause I smiled to her,
and I managed to keep myself calm for 2 whole periods (:
I showed that i have higher EQ than her,
and I am super proud of that x)

And I found that sleeping earlier
really makes some difference d:
Is like although whole day packed with activities,
still wont got tired in the end of the day,
so nice, heh ;)

Then Friday :D
super super fun, heeeeee!
went out to find azman during malay period,
i feel that i can breathe in more fresh air,
cause i do not need to see her for a short while (:

Playing balloons after school,
keep take it here and there,
take it to meeting,
and Pn Chan said why i still like small child playing balloon d:
then rmama wrote many hl things on it,
but still awesome :D

The few balloons end up all gone ad,
the blue blue one,
with many many words and spamming on it
just disappeared when i left it in the reading corner ):
if not can show it to AMA , hmph

Then keep laughing with AMA :D
talk about bunnyyyy,
then waved to someone whom we don know,
then laugh like mad at the sports centre , heh ;)

playing with glues,
eating cherry tomatoes,
playing with the small golden thing,
and talk many many rubbish :D
next time must bring gou gou, heh ;)

Children's rights forum (:
I actually asked most of them why they attended it,
cause i don know why i attended it d:

The emcee kept asking me to answer questions at first :O
then super awkward when the photographer asked me to take photos
Then ate many many sweets d:
Listened to some of the talks , i mean most of it ;)
Then doing homeworks, reading storybooks,
talk here and there, heeee
not fun also become super fuunnn :D

happy stuff for the week (:
Tomorrow is April Fool's Day
Don't get trick , heh ;)

bai bai (:
Have an awesome April!

Friday, March 30, 2012

The straws

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I'm going to say the most popular word for me
for these 2 days (:
You know why?
cause they spoilt my super good mood today,
seriously, i want to say
they suck (:

I suck too,
cause why should I care? (:
Just leave them behind,
and let their mess become messier,
then only they'll learn their lesson

This is not what we call,
selfish or irresponsible,
this is what we call
none of my bussiness (:

NOW (:

And if I can,
I hope to say this word to the person who has a total "nice" voice
cause you don't even deserve my respect,
but still I'll smile to you everytime
so no worries (:

Change a nicer tone (:
Have a really fun day, heh
Will update if I have time ;)

tata (:

Monday, March 26, 2012

Danboooo (:

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heeee (:
Monday monday :D

The weather is so very hot,
and now i am kinda refuse to go ronda,
but the long long speeches motivated me to go
So ended up i felt like coming out from the oven (:

Read newspaper regarding the weather,
and the newspaper just reminded everyone that,
take care of their health etc
in order not to get sick (:

Too bad,
They published that only after i got sick,
and mummy said i am always the symptom d:
so next time if people see me sick,
they must drink lots of water, heh ;)

I still cough like mad,
twice during the assembly :/
Yuhang said i broke record,
but actually i that's not my longest record d:

Almost finish the third bottle of medicine,
and gor gor said i am like so proud of myself d:
but now i am eating honeeyyyyy :D
super tasty despite that it is a little bit of mint,
but still tastyyy ;)

Then then,
I am being a good girl nowadays d:
Not i say that, gor gor said that, heeee
one more thins is that,
now i know i don't really know how to cross the road :"(
super super fish that day d:
Okay, ignore these d:

School lessons resume as usual,
I have no Chinese teacher,
change to a very very ... bm teacher
and time to say bye bye to azman :D

Results are still okay,
some satisfied some not,
should work harder next time (:
and isuperdislikemanap :):)

Next thing,
I really dislike the unfairness in the world,
but sometimes it does happen.
And yes,
I have forgotten that the world is never fair (:
when it's fair to you, it's unfair to somebody,
when it's fair to somebody, it's unfair to you.
I should have always remind me about this :)

Then, I really have to work hard for music now,
playing pedal with both legs,,
improve both motif and impro
and to get familiar with stagea (:
have to balance myself for pedals,
find out what's the depth and many complicated stuff for stagea
and to listen to more songs, more rhythms 
I promise I ain't going to give you my one and only idea ;)
I'll try very very hard (:

Time to do the very annoying sejarah and karangan,
wish me luck that my throat will treat me well (:
tata ;)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pandaaaa (:

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不要咳了,乖 (:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby shark (:

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Hello (:
wo hen hao,
I'm fine,
khabar baik :D

Am really scare to go into discipline room now,
nothing to do with discipline cases,
just i am too scare with those questions
seriously scared off :)
I know is kind of caring,
appreciated it and thanks for it,
but just too embarrassing :O

yesterday was a total disaster,
today is also half a disaster d:
saw many many stars,
many many shadows,
and I can't focus on stuff -.-

first time go school and sleep whole day (Y)
before assembly till school end.
teacher's talking was like some birds chirping
and everything seemed like nothing d:

And the worse thing is even the teachers know 
what happened to me, somemore it is the same teachers.
I even missed the chance to see bunnny ):
dui bu qi AMA & bunny ):

Then then,
I must clear myself that 
and thanks to you,
I am now half knowing how to eat those yucky pills -.-

Exams results are like,
so far so good,
careless mistakes as usual,
must try to avoid them next time,
good luck heh ;)

One more thing,
I super super dislike that encikazman -.-
he is so i don know how to say,
i mean now i can say that ezani or salwana is much more better

But still,
Thank you everyone (:
I am fine and healthy :D
Will recover very very soon!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lemons (:

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Hi, sore throat  (:
I am now drinking lots of water,
can say that i drink till super full,
fast fast recover (:

And I found that lemon are awesome :D
I like that sweet sour taste in it,
the very very nice smelling of it,
and the best part of it is that
they can cure my stomache
heh, i love lemonsss ;)

By the way,
I actually cursed Bill Gates yesterday d:
actually not his fault,
just idk what happen to that so smart microsoft word

thanks to yesterday's incident,
am still here redoing the whole stuff,
although i'm really tired out of nothing,
what i did is keep pressing the save button,
in case is gone again (:

Then then,
I think i am having phobia with ironing clothes.
Super super regretted for dumping all those clothes for so long,
is like keep iron iron and iron,
and there still lots more to go :O

Read storybooks :D
But seems like even the book is asking me to do the same thing
S.M.I.L.E (:
smile smile smile like :D

Next thing,
imma going to stretch for the whole week now,
cause i'm like a wood now,
i can say epic failed (:

tata for now (:

Hand-in-hand (:

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I'm healthy,
I'm energetic,
I had survived (:

back from camp 2 days ago,
but it seems it had been months ago
maybe i slept too much, heh ;)

I can said that was the special camp in this 5 years (:
cause i never felt so tired,
so exhausting, so lethargic,
I never know that i can sleep while walking (Y)

My first time did not sleep for the whole night,
keep doing stuff really kept me awake,
jumping while bathing in 4 something in the morning,
really woke me up from all the dizziness and headache ;)

Sometimes i don't believe that
bonding can be built through works,
but now i believe that (:
I'll never think that i can talk so much with people i seldom talk to,
it is just like in a blink of time, like miracle or what :O

Although there was some incident,
which made me a little furious at that time,
but at least i succeed to control myself (:
and now i know that solving problems,
is sometimes better to be done together ;)

Truly, there were some arguments during discussions,
yes, i did get annoyed and somehow mumbled,
there were sometimes when people hurt you,
directly without knowing it,
all these things do happen all the time,
but who knows that in the end,
all this tiny little stuff makes people more united,
and came out with a better solution (:

Just going to mention some highlights (:
Detective games was quite awesome,
can't deny the fact that i was the luckiest one,
not anything but to get scared by the two nom nom :D

Both of them were super awesome,
I mean they really did a good job (:
And jun's station was real creepy for them,
but comfortable for me, heh ;)

Walking around and trying to confused them,
saw funny stuffs, and laughed madly :D
zhi-qi's hibernating mode, elmo checking the leaves,
heard people screaming all over,
saw all the drama presented by the commitee,
awesome much ;)

Sleeping on the floor, behind the chairs,
while juniors were presenting stuffs,
first time time felt that there was a hammer,
hammering myself whole day long,
and that's my first day (:

Second day morning was even awesome,
awesome till i don't want to mention (:
but still i want to tell the whole world that

Find food was really epic, heh ;)
Walking around with Eshen,
talking umbrella and wearing cap,
just to make them bankrupt d:

and wan's slang was really nice,
doesn't know how to imitate,
but still really let everyone have a memorable impression (:

Then Amazing Race :D
was so scared and is like all the feelings just came up,
then i kept peeking at the list of ingredients,
then ket laugh when making them the sandwich d:

then walk walk walk,
from in to out,
and the moquitoes were also following me in and out (:
They love me too much,
I think they'll die if they left me ;)

Too many stuff to said,
can't said them all here (:
so just let me kept them as my memories
heeeee :D

Drama night (:
To be honest, i just heard them screaming,
people laughing, and i don know what's happening,
I just know the moment i finished calculating marks,
sat on chair, trying to focus on their drama,
I was immediately dozed off d:
and owh, thanks zhao :D

Our hand-in-hand performance,
quite nice i guess? d:
a little mistakes here and there,
still good la, okay? heee (:

Teacher's performance the best :D
singing, playing guitar,rapping and so on (:
makes me alive suddenly,
but as soon as the performance ended,
u know what happened d:

Third morning,
woke up in a really blur mode,
peeking the watch and thinking what should i do,
then only realized that i left 5 minutes to ready myself d:

Went for hiking,
awesome much cause i can sleep while walking (:
just climb climb climb,
den climb climb climb,
den reached the top (:

took some photos,
sang songs,
did random stuff,
and went down (:

I don't really remember how the surrounding looks like,
cause i kept focusing on the pathway,
cause is like if I didn't focus,
at anytime I'll fall and idk what will happen d:

Then went for a place after closing ceromony,
just a place, cause i don know what's the name,
so i'll just call it " The place " d:

talked lots of stuffs
childhood memories ;)
Talked bout cartoons, story books,
and many many things (:

Then went up to bus,
the first thing I did is prevent myself from lying down,
but what happened was i almost fall down
cause i fall asleep while sitting d:

Then i don know what happened,
just reached the destination,
went down for lunch,
everyone was like suddenly so high,
kept cheering and so on, heeee (:

Then went home,
sleep and sleep and sleep d:

My description is like getting shorter and shorter d:
bear with it, heh (:
But still awesome camp to be remembered!

Thank you to everyone,
juniors, committee, friend and teachers (:
sorry for making you people worried,
but remember that imma healthy person :D

Pictures will be posted next time (:
Hand-in-hand ;)

Monday, March 12, 2012

I Won't Give Up (:

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0037 x)
Listening to Thousand Years by Christina Perri,
just finished editing a photo for D.G and
still being a dumb dumb chasing after them for those stuffs

exam ended and i still can't get enough rest,
having activities marathon straight after exam ended,
going back to school for camp stuff and etc.

Did have lots of fun,
and yes also have lots of headache d:
Am totally in a blur mode,
and i keep need brain-storming to make sure i did not left out anything

one more day to camp,
hope it'll be a success one (:
I must pray hard that it won't rain,
everyone is safe and healthy throughout the whole camp
and everything is as right as rain ;)

after camp,
i must concentrate on my music (:
I promise and i swear,
I know it's easy to fail,
but at least i should do my very best,
and isn't think that it is hopeless and i shall just see myself die just like that,
It's not worth it (:

I have now facing a very very big problem in practising,
which make my path harder ):
I must take out my only free day,
I must sacrifice some other thing,
and now i know why they said there is no gain if there is no loss 

why why why?
why can't they just let me used diskette for the very last time ):
and the model used in centre is actually not the right one,
how if i couldn't get the model i appealed,
ahhh, i am so dead :"(

okay, stay optimistic (:
stay calm,
and must put a smile whenever and wherever 
like :D

I just remember that i forgot to burn the disc
I better go now and start working on it,
and lights off before 1.30 x)


加油! 加油! 加油!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

If You Would (:

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I am totally super energetic now, 
cause i can't feel that i am tired now

u know what,
I knew the new perspective is suppose to be,
don't cry over the spilt milk
take mistakes as a better way to learn
and etc  (:

But i can't stand my carelessness anymore,
is like over my limit -.-
i don't blame myself in doing wrong the phy ques,
except for 2 questions which is like,
what am I thinking?
fine, get over it.

But have u ever try before u are memorizing the wrong thing,
after idk 3 or 4 times reading it,
I can't imagine at all,
this is too ridiculous.

大笨蛋! 大笨蛋! 大笨蛋! 大笨蛋! 大笨蛋!
大笨蛋! 大笨蛋! 大笨蛋! 大笨蛋! 大笨蛋!

I can't tell myself to learn from today's mistakes anymore,
cause i have repeated it too many times
If i continue to tell myself nevermind,
great, I'll screw my maths tmrw (Y)

suo yi,
ru guo ming tian ni zai zuo zhe zhong hen ben dan de dong xi,
ni jiu shi quan shi jie zui ke wu de ren !

last day , last paper tmrw (:
goodluck to , and never ever make stupid mistakes again (:

Monday, March 5, 2012

平凡相依 (:

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抛开烦躁的心情,放松自己,继续加油 (:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Be good (:

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Hello March (:
I know that you will treat me super super well, heeee
didn't have time to post on the 29th of feb ):
need to wait for 4 more year already :O

okay, i was really careless this morning,
i finally know what is 坐立不安,
luckily problem solved,
if not am really in deep trouble :O
thank you rmama for helping me,
give you a hf la, after that then hl x)

one more day to exam,
and i am spamming add maths now,
cause i don get the very bery annoying
ambiguous case for the triangle ):

haven't touch any english yet d:
hope i'll have enough time tmrw,
and then can i skip tuition and music class tmrw?
please please please :")

I got a new aim,
must ditch stress this exam,
just take it as revision or what,
so that i won't get panic (:
jia you jia you :D

goodluck to everyone (: