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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hi and Bye (:

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 10:50 PM
Can You be more interesting?
And easier to understand ?
i mean you, you and you :P

One more week to finals,
And I'm still lost in the world of add maths.
I can't finish the whole book,
Cause my speed is as slow as a tortoise ):
And my brain is just too exhausted
which made me did the wrong calculation all the time. * boo*

And those annoying blood suckers is all over -.-
I can't catch any of them,
And I really want them to get lost!

the weather, too cold for me :/
jackets and blankets are with me all the time..
hmm, dislike :O

Songs played,
either too noisy which irritates me,
or too calm to make me sleepy :)
Seems like I'm troublesome eh ;)

Time is running away from me,
so uhm bai (:

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