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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cause I'm Your Angel (:

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 7:26 PM
Aloha (:
Just watched lilo and stitch this afternoon!
Lilo gone for the hula competition ;)
Cartoons always make me happy. hehe

Well, just came back from 3 hours of add maths 
Almost got frosted at there :O
Too cold, and I ain't wearing long sleeve.
Next stop, english tuition
Boring enough :/

Well, kinda screwed up my malay paper today.
But I ain't feeling sad or whatever it is (:
Cause those are really alien words for me,
I mean not a word for me :P

English essay as usual,
lack of time :/
Tenses mistakes must be a lot now
Owh fine, i know Cedric's meaning of many
which means little.

And why should i border to go school tmrw
If isn't because of the instructions given,
and 2 marks of purata got deducted.
I don't like you either,
cause i know you don like me too d:

Sejarah and add maths on thursday ( Y )
U think i can cope sejarah with add maths?
You are wrong, totally wrong.
I suck in maths since form 2,
And i'm not interested in islam either (:

I need exam mood to keep me motivated.
But i don't need stress.
I mean stress made me do worse in exams,
Go away (:
I want stressless like today but with exam mood :D

Tata for dinner (:
Hope can finish my food on time :P

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