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Friday, September 16, 2011

I'll survive (:

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 10:11 PM
Wello (:
I am back again! hehe
This whole week was really a special week for me
Got very very tired everyday, 
and I know the sun loves me too much :P

Malaysia day! 
Finally everything has ended,
And I should and must put 100% concentration on studies (:
11 more days to final,
And I am so dead :)
p/s: Sejarah i don like you cause u killed my brain cells * boo*

Truthfully, chosen to go for 1 Malaysia thingy
was rather a conflict for me at first
I am quite sensitive with the exam issues,
Might be because of my environment since I'm still a child

It is really a good experience for me,
although i really made me exhausted and
had to skipped school and lack of time for revising :/
But at least I knew how it was like to have such rehearsal for the national events
I met new people and of course friends (:

I learned how to communicate better with the others,
which was really my weakest point. hehe
I understand the quote better,

If you're not brave to take the first step,
You'll never know how far you can go (:

It might be quite hard for me to start a conversation to people whom i don know
But when I'm alone and have to be independence,
I have to make the first step,
If not I'll be like a dumb.

Although I some kind of like dislike some people there calling me some weird names -.-
But still have to bear with it (:
To gain is to put commitment in it~

owh ya, the patriotic songs!
kept stucking in my head,
And yet i was there humming again and again
kind of addicted eh ;)

And uhm, the form 2's there was like
very friendly, but i can't really get used to call ' jiejie ' by them
is kind of weird :P
But still, without them i would die of boredom (:
and the stalker teacher -.-
Congrats for taking so many ugly photos :P

To be honest, Malaysia weather is like weather in the desert
Is like the sun is burning in the day, and raining heavily at night
That really causes the drastic drop in temperature which is BAD :O

As I said, finals is coming soon :(
So uhm, hello add maths again!
I'll made you always be in my brain instead of heart :P

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