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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Fray (:

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 7:42 PM
Ello (:
School reopened,
and I survived ;)

It has been after 2 weeks to wake up so early in the morning,
when the sun haven't show up,
when the cooling breeze was still blowing gently
and when I am still feeling drowsy d:

Back to school,
back to hectic life (:
Saw friends and teachers ,
not much different though, hehe

Our new headmaster talked pretty long,
I hoped it is because of  this is the first time,
If not there will be lots more dull assembly to go
fingers crossed (:

Changed some subjects' teachers,
Satisfied with some and not for some,
But is a true thing that there is always good and bad on one thing,
But still I hoped they can be better than the previous one (:

It's the first schooling day,
But teachers are started to stress on SPM :/
Is true that we have to start working on it,
cause it is just 10 months away,
or to be specific,
is only 8 to 9 months away (:

One thing I found out 2 years ago,
which is students used to choose seating at the back
in the form 1 to form 4 life,
is now preferring sitting in the front,
how weird :/

Another thing is that,
I really got to try my best to contact Sue Ying ,
I don't want to redo the whole file,
which is a total waste of time
and again fingers crossed that she will remember where she puts it (:

但是希望你能够笑一笑 ,

bye bye (:

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