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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

tiny miny loves (:

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 5:35 PM
ni hao (:
Not an energetic day d:

Got woke up so suddenly in the early morning
I knew it wasn't schooling days,
But first question : why so early?

Yes, why?
It is the same timing when i got up late during the schooling days
And I hate that,
cause it always scare me like monsters :/

Fine, skip that (:
Went out in the early morning,
Stuck in the car due to the heavy traffic,
Eyelids are heavy enough
But I am not going to take a nap d:

Another thing,
I don't get why you found me,
and talk about things that are unimportant -.-
I am not going to ignore you,
But stop talking about those stuff.

I am not a nerd,
I read storybooks instead of tons of reference books,
I don't care what is with the averages and positions
Idon'tcareaslongasiamsastisfiedwithmyself !
So, say goodbye to them, now (:

Finished 2 books of the series of unfortunate events :D
Now i know why mummy ask why i borrowed such books d:
Those fellows were really unfortunate, hmmm :/
But there's the ending which might signifies the end of the misfortune :)

Then finally found out the chords :D
lalalalalala, yay !
aiming for the next songs, heeee
at least I'm not stuck with that few exam songs again ;)

bubu , just came back from outside d:
Means i got things to say again. heee
That promoter give me ate honey star & coco crunch :D
Super nice cause like super long din eat ad d:

Mummy said she doesn't want to buy something,
I asked why and she said cause is from china,
she turned around and chose another thing,
I asked her what is the difference between china and beijing? d;
No answer but laughter, heee ;)

dido says bai bai (:

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