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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Over the days (:

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 7:20 PM
bibobibo d:
Yesterday was report card day
Daddy came at 8 something and waited me till 9 something
sorryyyyy (:

Teacher kept on telling daddy that i am not weak -.-
She told him i should make everything up one more grade
Most epic thing is that
daddy helped her to complete a sentence by a word MALAS ):
Luckily she said i was not d:

U promise me not to say anything
bad or good , you will just listen 
U broke ur promise d:
But nxt year you might not have chance to take from me ad *hehe*
Mummy said she wants to see how bad the teacher is :D

I needed one mark to achieve 80 ):
Actually I improved in most of the subjects
just Phy and Bio drop like don know what d:

For teacher's comment
I was thinking who will not love to have better grades?
Blah d:

Yesterday was the first time i stayed so late on report card day
Seeing all the face expressions of students and parents
is super fun d:
I even heard one of the parents saying 
" I very scare. Is ur class teacher fierce ?"
HAHA. Super super funny :D

Stayed back for ye production.
Is quite boring though ):
But grand sales is coming up
Quite excited for it :D

And here is a letter for my dear stomach (:

Dear stomach (:
           I know you have been working for 15+ years. But since the 10th year, you are giving me so much problems. Unbearable problems ): I don want stomache! Why are you torturing me? I am good enough to you. I don't eat spicy, bitter and sour things. I did not even like to eat those internal organs of the animals! Treat me well , pretty please (:
Yours faithfully,
Kai Qian 


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