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Monday, July 11, 2011

Not my day

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 10:10 PM
Today was totally a disaster
Woke up earlier than usual
but ended up late for school -.-

First time getting late was totally embarrassing  ):
Standing out there was not really weird
But asking me to sit down with my blazers on
and sitting on the road was totally a NO!

Uncle car broke down -.-
No one is awake in my house
So have to follow my friends to school

But if people did not give me that kind of look
and gave me a smile after i nod after their
" are you late ? " questions
I won't feel so bad right?

Sawing the juniors,seniors and teachers looking at you
asking you the same questions
and at the same time did not hear the explanation ):
I feel super bad!
And some of my friends even asked what happen to me
cause i did not raise that flag -.-

I wanted to
But i were not allowed to in -.-
Even i wanted to stand up
Is also a no ):

Another time i got late because of my dear transporter
I won't know what i will do to him d:

I got scolded by several people for no reason ):
I knew you were all in a bad mood
So am I.
So don't spilt all your anger to me
this is super unfair ):

And I kept falling down today -.-
I don know what is my problem
Twice from stairs, once was when walking
How weird :O
And several times were almost fall down -.-
This is very very abnormal!

The haze is back ):
I am going to let mummy & daddy nag again d:
I will drink as much as i can
I promise (:
And daddy please don do what you did last year this wednesday again d:
Thank you!

Today is going to end :D
Tmrw will be a good good day * whee*

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