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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Olyckliga Stunder

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 3:52 PM

I got to write out everything here
In order to let my brain stop thinking bout all the "her" again (:

Not going to mention who is she
But i really really hope I wont see her again
I wonder when will she retire
I don't want to see her anymore!

To you:
You are not born to scold me
And I am not born to let you scold!
I know I did not do really well
But can you be more considerate?

Imagine I am the only person to walk around the whole school compound
without anyone helping me...
I did not get the co-operations from them
I did not get to make myself in so many place at once
What do you expect?

I am not the only person in charge
The other two person in charge were there
Why do you have to ask someone to inform me to meet you
And all I get is scolded by you !

They do not want to co-operate
What can I do?
Scolding them will make them alme even more
Telling them what is the right thing to do
and they did not want to listen
What can I do?

I have been walking for so many rounds outside de school compound
Walking for don know how many rounds in the school compound
Can't I stand at a shady place to rest for 3 minutes?
I am a human not a robot or machine.

I am not the head of the whole project
No one is... We are just a team
Why do I always be the one scolded by you?
I am trying my best
Can't you see?

To the other 3 of you :
I heard what you all said (:
every words, every sentences
I just pretend that i din't hear anything
But I am not deaf!

U don't have to give comment
I am not capable
I am not socialise
I am nothing

U don't have to hit me with things " accidentally"
U don't have to repeat all the words
I know what it is...

I will not see you 3 anymore next year.
You 3 will be out of my sight (:

It is not a good day after all..

My mind has been manipulate 
by the unhappy things happened years ago ):
That was the year I shed the most tears
The year I lost all my confidence in everything

I know I have been very emotional today
I can't stop shedding my tears whenever I thought about it
Those were too hard for me to handle
And I am to fragile to handle them with care

I need to have a rest
My last injured part was pain again ):
my foot was really out of control now
Sorry that I have to skip my class today ):

To all the people who help me out & the cooperative person out there
Thank you (:
You guys are really great!

To those people who are very selfish and irresponsible
"Good luck" in your whole life (:

My mind is almost empty now (:
Got to go sleep now d:
If not gor gor will be teasing me looking like a panda
Hmph d;

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