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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We Belong Together (:

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 8:34 PM
didn't update for so long despite things that i wanna tell rmama and daddy (:

sports day have came to an end last saturday (:
the very last sports day,
and indeed a special an memorable one (":

folding roses, painting petals,
adjusting the butterfly's head,
writing scripts for marchers and deco,
practice with yuning they all,
all these weren't what i did for the past few years,
and yet i did them all at once :D

first time felt so nervous before running,
kept breathing in and out, heh (:
then relay was actually quite fun :D
and am happy enough to get the 4th, heeee ;)

am also being lucky enough to meet kai song :D
but this girl has become even skinnier and yet taller,
rflamingo, eat more!
and nice to meet you, heh ;)

last sports day,
need not run here and there under instructions,
walk here and there freely,
ate ice cream with friends after events,
cheering for merah and classmates,
awesome much :D
Red house, 805 and buddies, heh (:

sports day (:

then then, monday was *thumb down*
first time felt so scared and lost,
was like suddenly i knew no one in the school,
everyone in school were strangers,
no one picked up my phone,
and i felt like i could not go home anymore ):

walked up and down,
from public phone to public phone,
and each of them spoilt one by one,
cursing my ownself with tears drowning out,
rubbing works over and over again,
that's was the first time i felt so hopeless

the only buddy's phone number that i remember was rmama's
kept  phoning and phoning until she picked up,
but luck was not with me and the phone just showed low battery and it died off,
and that was when i felt like the whole world was bullying me

she was cute enough,
to phone back the public phone :D
and of course no one picked up,
but i really laughed when khai qi said
no wonder the phone kept ringing yesterday :D
still, thank you pei (:

and a really big big big thank you to 
my big panda gor gor and ms shirlena (:
I wouldn't know when i will stop crying,
i doubt my maths book will be like a rubbish after that,
and i wouldn't know what is going to happen next.
zhen de hen xie xie ni men san ge (:

Yesterday assembly was quite fun, heh (:
talked all the way with becca,
not listening to any of the announcement d:
agree-ing with this and that which we'll rarely tell anyone else,
laughing with all the funny stuff, heh 
and is actually quite fun to ignore everything, heeee :D

then pjk period was totally boring :/
am good at running away from ball,
so it seemed like everytime the ball came towards my direction,
my reaction will make everyone laughed d:

rach and yuning were playing outside of the toilet yesterday
seriously super funny and i can't stop laughing d:
then the others just took away other people bags,
playing with handprints, heh (:

okay, stop for now (:
i really wish that no more nightmares,
lesser decision to be made which i really can't predict what will happen in the future,
lesser lies from people cause am really tired of it,
and i must be happy and have a big wide grin all the time =D

tata (:

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