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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Out of mind (:

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 5:00 PM
heeee (:
very very the happy,
i mean that's yesterday d:
but still am happy as well for today :D

fully used the good friday, heh ;)
almost finished all my delayed tuition homeworks,
except i was really stuck with trigo :/
is like staring that paper for so long,
yet not even one question is solved,
I will solve it at last, no worries (:

the next wonderful thing is that,
finally managed to finish that whole pieces,
stepping pedals with both legs without tripping,
no more out of rhythm and so on :D
is like finished a super big project, heeee

Played many many Disney songs,
some songs that were played when i was small,
childhood memories :")
I'll never get tired of them, too nice (:

Am now addicted to 2 songs,
I see the lights and go the distance :D
Thought of this 2 songs when they were mentioning them in the classroom,
one of them is a peaceful one,
another is like giving me something like encouragement,
ahh, just can't stop listening to them,
keep repeating d:

Then then,
played some tricks yesterday,
I thought I'll fail,
cause i have not been doing them for so long,
but surprisingly I did not, heh ;)

Talked lots of rubbish with rp d:
just don know why that
i kept laughing when i see the 2 emoticons,
the angry doggy and the cute sobbing creature d:
just can't stop laughing,
too happy i guess d:

I actually forgot what else make me so happy d:
whether there is thing to make me happy or not,
i should always be happy :D

tata (:

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