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Monday, January 9, 2012

Magnificent (:

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 6:23 PM
heh (: 
another post to keep me awake d:

second week of school already,
and I am very very dislike to wake up early in the morning.
U know what,
that is a torture after a long holiday :/

Changed PJK teacher.
And every Thursday with rumah practice,
will be a seriously running day.
3 or 4 rounds per PJK lesson,
how wonderful (:
I'd prefer to run in the afternoon instead of morning.
I swear d:

and, yes you (:
My "dearest" class teacher.
I am so going to tell you,
no matter what or who or whatever it is,
The class will still be that noisy.
Can't you just bear with it ?
Stop making changes to our places or else it'll get worse
I don't like to " so nice " place you planned,
It makes me started to hate you, hmph!

homeworks are piling up,
and tuition homeworks is making the tower getting taller
I was like rushing for the homeworks everyday :/
naps is mostly being snatched away by time,
and my sleeping time is getting later and later,
which makes me total drowsy.

I am getting bruise again -.-
this time is on the knee,
And now i hate walking ,
cause whenever i walk there will be like a invisible needle keep poking me ):
And that really irritated a lot.

Music class changed to early morning,
gah, one word- blur d:
somehow i am thinking how long i could manage to have enough time to practice.
The " deadline" is so far yet so near,
and teacher is still telling me individual grade is higher,
and i want to say unfair ):

Haven did the hearing that miemer gave d:
Cause i really have no time,
even gor gor said my timetable is scary d:
But still I'll make it through, I believe (:

Got to go (:
Have a nice week!

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