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Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'll miss you (:

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 3:22 PM
dido (:
Came back from home town
Have lots of fun walking in and out the kitchen
Took all kinds of ingredient and played magic trick on them ;)

Grandma cooked a lot of food, heee
The fun thing is
whatever she cooked, she'll tell me that's mummy favourite
And looks like is my favourite too (:

First time walked past the railway road (:
I saw children throwing stones,
Some of them took the stone for idk what
But is quite nice to walk past there ;)

Went to Penang as usual (:
Gurney Drive!
That day was much more windy that the other night
Running at the pavement was superb ;)

Saw the other part of Penang,
All the important department gathered at a small place,
the traffic is so congested :/
Ended up walking is faster ;)

Took ferry back again :D
I like the sea breeze,
and also to see the splashes of water
heeee ;)

Back to now,
I was totally exhausted from travelling
I don't feel like doing anything,
And I'm like rotting now d;

2 hours of music class later :/
I'll survive (:

take a breath,
take a rest
and get going on ;)

tata (:
p/s: Jess Lee 离场 nice one ;)

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