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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Chain (:

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 6:00 PM
Hello (:
Imma posting on a privated blog
How funny, heh (:

Still working out on my new header,
" Blessed Blossom "
Hope for a blessed life,
Life that always blossom like a flower (:

I could not imagine,
how life will be when school reopens.
Especially all the tuitions that I'll be having
It is the first time having such tight schedule,
I hope I can make it out ;)

I am feeling rather strange.
My mind is full of unknown things,
I did not know what am I actually thinking of
But I am pretty sure that,
it makes my emotion having a roller coaster ride.

I don't know is that a small reminder,
a tension or even stress.
I don't feel well either,
I need to stare at the ceiling fan for more than one hour,
to get myself to sleep :E

I read many of the blogs,
some are writing about friends,
the way they pictured their friendship
it really touched my feelings,
we never knew how much people care for us,
until we look back and realize (:

I have been receiving postcards, cards and small gifts from them,
I always smile no matter when i see them (:
Is not the thing that matters,
is the matter that they really care much about you

There is also some,
who talked to you whenever you get bored,
cared for what happened towards you,
whenever there is something weird happend
and doing stuff that you'll never expect

Gor gor always ask : 这种朋友到哪里去找?
and my answer is always  : 在这里找,我找到了!
I did not know whether there is " forever "
But i know that i have to appreciate what I have now (:

有时候简简单单的问候语也可以很感人 (:
Never look back,
and never regret (:

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