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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rflamingo :D

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 12:00 AM
November november!
Awesome month ;)

Happy Birthday to Kai Song :D
You were born on the first day of the awesome month, heh!

The photo i asked you to take with me ;")
Cause at that time, I really scare that when you left
I couldn't get to have a photo with you d:

I really missed the moment with you 
Teasing and made fun of each other
Although sometimes you really annoyed me
But still i missed you :")

Thank you bringing me fun during the old times
Although we quarrelled sometimes
but still memories ;)

I still remembered what you post on my wall:
Life's short, so dun be so emotional and traumatic. OK? :) Just accept whatever it is, and I guess it's already pretty good. 

Sometimes, you are similar to me- aiming for the best, but in some occasions, I just can't seem to reach my target, and I have to learn how to go along with what life has thrown to me. It might be hard to stay positive in a wind-whirl, but always believe that there will be a rainbow later :) Believe in yourself and I believe that you will score well in your exam :)

I still can't get rid of my problem d:
And maybe you still face this problem too 
Typical rppl (:

I didn't know that rach updated you bout that 
I mean I don't even know that she noticed that d:
But still thank you for that piece of advice (:

All the best to you (:
Good luck in your tmrw exam
And don't get too tall d:

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