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Monday, April 11, 2011

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 3:43 PM
After one month...
I am here again :)
Sorry my dear bloggie for dumped u for so long :(

there is too many things in my mind now
i can't express it out even in more than a million words

didn't know since when....
things are not going well  :/
I am getting tired of everything
I got frustrated and disappointed with myself
I tried to keep myself smiling all the time
But still i can't :(

I wish i could have time to rest
I wish i could do things i like
I even wish to have time to have a longer conversation with mummy :'(

I dislike those useless unimportant subjects homework and projects bugging me
I  dislike people to lie to me
I dislike irresponsible person
And I dislike stress :(

But at least
I still got friends to cheer me up
I felt so sorry
I made them worried
and even made them felt a little bit down

I do really hope things could go well
I do really hope i got enough time to rest
My dear body is started to signalling that it is angry
I donwan to get sick :(

I cross my fingers to pray for a better life and better world :)
Dear leg : Get  well soon :)
Dear family n friends : Be happy :)

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