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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rness 4!

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 5:15 PM
Hello people =D
My mummy a.k.a the Pei Pei wanna Rness 4
so.. I update a rness post as her mothers' day present =p

Hmm... Let me have a flash back about something r....
My brain are currently under maintanance...
So I will write very RANDOMly

Think of R....
This will related to the Science Chapter 4- Reproduction
Well.... We studied about the pregnant women better not to take alcohol and smoke
cause it will cause the foetus pysically and mentally RETARD =)
Well.. It's true.

Then.. the buttercup started something really THREE EIGHT
she said that our mummy sure drink alcohol n smoke during pregnant!
Because we are born to be R...
maybe got our mummy genes lor...
a bit R der..
So... the whohle science period we were talking bout this
Well.. I can said FUN and surely R !

Owh ya!
We the girls there had a really terrible eraser fight in the science lab =p
It started with my wai po a.k.a Jing Wei
she wanna throw my bad jie jie a.k.a Angeline or my niece a.k.a Hui En
either one.. I forgot =DDDD

Then idk how...
then we started the eraser fight...
Buttercup's Eraser the hardest!
can be heard whenever the eraser knock anyone of us....
But I am the most pity victim =[
the Buttercup a bit not fair!
everytime i doing my science then she throw me ! HNG
So PAIN lar!
but I throw her back * childish *
the eraser sometime went to Eshen's table there...
R lar...
but its FUN =D

Well... when detective this word flash through my mind
I will surely think about the detective game being organized by the
Persatuan Pencegahan Jenayah!

that day me, mummy, sister a.k.a Rachael & buttercup went for that game
Ya... We were so R that we joined that thingy
So... after school we went to gather at the foyer...
What we saw was...
Why were we the only Form 3 there?
they were all those little cutie acternoon session students

We was like owh R!
We were laughing like the Rs'
We felt that we were rather R than normal!
Then.. We were all asked to go to gathered at one of the F6 classes...
We felt so R and we sat at the corner of the classroom and keep on laughing
Rness AGAIN!

Later on they take attendance tat they called out the first name of each group!
Well.. we all asked buttercup whose name is the first
and she was laughing like a so very R people and point towards me!
Ya... i got the R bomb!
owh! i was like ARGH!
BLAHS! really R lar!

Well.. after that we were combined with a group of F4
Well... never met and talk before...
my mummy felt so boring and R...
We were so very left out
cause they discussed their
we talk out ours
well .. obviously R
btw.. we didn't get it correct at last
and we all concclude that it was a R Friday! =3

Hmm.. Heres another R incident
my mummy finally can online on 11th of May!
Her house area cabel was burnt!
I told my brother and he told me...
" sure is your Pei Pei play too many playfish games until the cabel burnt"
AHAH! I can just use a R to reply!

When mummy found that finally she can online...
She was so HIGH until become so very R!
I R with her!
We go spam my Bad jie jie's photo on FB!
mummy post "yay! I can go internet liao :DDDDDDDD"
I post "haha... R!"
in all the 10 photos!
FUN and R enough!

Last last Incident I can really hardly remember =D
my Po Po a.k.a Michelle cut of my Mickey Mouse!!
Bad Bad Po Po! HNG

Well... The story goes like this...
the Mickey was on my note book...
so I cut it out after i used up all the papers!
well... one of the mickey's ear was not drawn on it...
so when i cut out the pity Mickey have only got 1 ears!
but It looks Cute and a bit of Rness!

So.. I showed it to Po Po since she is Mickey...
then she is so R!! she cut off the mickey 101 ear!
OWH!! i wan the mickey's ear back!!
later on Po Po use a yellow clip n clip her ears!
Well... Fine

BUT!!! today when i showed her again....
She used STAPLER to stapler its ear!!
got holes adi !
so R!
Bad R popo!
and now she kidnapped my Mickey Mouse!
I want mickey back! i want my mickey back, i want my mickey back just a R Po Po!


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