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Friday, March 26, 2010

Rness =D

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 5:51 PM
See my title?!
I do think u get what I mean =)

Yeah! Rness
I am here blogging cause
I am too bored while waiting the rp to online
cause she ask me go like her don know what status...

something r happen to the r pei pei =X
Her white short sleeves school shirt
let Le Theng pull till TORN!
ahahahaha.... den she keep on go tell everyone
this shows her RNESS!

Then I go rumah with her....
go run the 100m
she said she wan run last
den let her be last
I go run slow slow den keep on ask her run fast a bit
then i finish the whole track already
I turn back and saw her WALKING
so very R!

then the 600m leh...
i run two rounds adi...
waiting for her at the end there
I wait for about 15 sec adi
she haven reach
Then I heard the QM counting down =)
I was so very happy cause
I did not waste my energy go walk half round the need go back again
thanks to Pei Pei rness la =D

Then now i am still waiting the r panther to on ==
Fine... don't want wait already xP

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