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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 2:56 PM
One week of y precious holiday was GONE =(
All my home works are piling on my table
since I ignored them =X
Last Saturday...Practice for my music lesson straight after the exams.
When i reach the music center I saw a notice wrote:
Dear Parents:
We are kindly inform that from6th of
June till 11th of June will be the term holiday =)

I lost my calendar and i am blur blur =D
mummy asked me to follow her to somewhere ...brought me to a shopping center...
she went for her stuff..
I wanted to stay at the POPULAR =)
Read 希望树So happy!
Read Toy Story 3!
I wanna watch Toy Story 3 =)
i can say it's INTERESTING!
Read another book by Sophie Kinsella
it's nice but didnt manage to finish =6

Thursday and Friday..
went school for Deco =)
Thursday was fun since we did smthg...
and Hui Xin drew a piggy and watermelon
which refers to someone =P

Friday was
Luckily Jun, Eshen and Mun was there!
Did some BLUE-ey painting
Exchanged some Themes with Jun =)
Talk craps, planning and more!

Went out for lunch with Bel n the 3 partner!
Well.. the food was SALTY!
i gave up eating that bowl of SALTY, OILY and LARGE
It was extremely 'TASTY'

Saturday ...
I was busy doing cleaning stuff =X
Relatives coming...
So... CLEAN!

My Retard MAMA a.k.a Pei Pei
helped me made a funny header!
me LIKE!
MAMA ily <3>

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