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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Le'Vena party

Posted by ....:::: Kai Qian =) ::::.... at 6:48 PM
Ello people!
went for turkey's (Le'Vena) party yesterday.
The party is quite fun that i give it a name
"Turkey's Splashing Screaming Wet B'day Party"
Audrey, Yin Jun, Shin Yin, Isabel, Eshen, Sue Ann (Yong) and also Jia Tian & Woei Woei!
Le'Jane, Le'John , Chun Xun and Le'vena (of course) was participated!
Eshen loves the three cute little children!
Bik Li- Cute.. he likes Megan and wateva it is ;)
Le'Jane- Well... she is cute and wif Bik Li! xP
Le'John- He likes to made himself wet &he is weird!

Actually... the whole thing is more on to the so call "waterball" game
Well..at first is really using waterball...but then
Le'John take out a hose and he the water and
We guys all get WET!
is wad we do =)
is the seventh month....
wad u think?!
Before that I would like to said that
NO dogs for me!
I know is cute but I am
scared of them >.<

Had lots of fun there! especially get wet and leak ;)
Happy B'day Le'Vena! ( I mean it on 10th of Sept)
photos will be uploaded nxt time!

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